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Chapter 909 Volume 9 – Chapter 142: Goods Inspection (Part 1)

Godspeed, Godspeed, Godspeed, Godspeed.

Windchaser knew where the source of this urgency came from. It came from the original master of his current body.

At first, Windchaser could vaguely feel that Inuyasha’s soul in the Yan Wuyue World was not dead. The half demon beast body he inexplicably occupied was not just an empty shell.

Later, when Greedy Wolf Star was awakened, his perception was further enhanced. He became certain that Inuyasha’s consciousness was falling asleep. At this moment, Inuyasha’s consciousness was showing signs of awakening. Perhaps he had awakened early, but it seemed to be trapped because of the awakening of Greedy Wolf Star.

But Inuyasha was doing everything possible to break through this lock. The urgency feeling was the best proof.

“Although I didn’t know you, I came to this place and took your body without your consent. It was not my voluntary choice. However, since you want to see the damn woman so much, will you be quiet?” Windchaser took a deep breath and said, “You will affect me like this. I can’t concentrate on using Godspeed. Trust me. I want to help you.”

In fact, Windchaser found it inexplicable. It stood to reason that at this time, he should be taking Zixing and Elder Brother Mo Xiaofei away, but he still stayed.

This didn’t seem strange for Elder Brother Mo Xiaofei, who liked to help others, but Windchaser wasn’t such a person.

He acknowledged Mo Xiaofei as his elder brother due to his respect, but it wouldn’t make him became like Mo Xiaofei. Windchaser was a simple-minded person. He would only treat those who treated him well.

Among those Windchaser willing to help included Cheese, Nini, and even Long Xiruo. Windchaser was acquainted with these people. He shouldn’t be helping a complete stranger even though this stranger was a kind person.

Windchaser couldn’t understand it. After thinking about it, he finally concluded that Inuyasha influenced him in a certain way, causing him to commit such irrational behavior.

But at the same time, he also felt that he didn’t hate doing this.

“Hey, if this matter can be resolved later, you should tell her how you felt!” Windchaser thought silently in his heart.

They said an outsider could see things more clearly or objectively than those involved. Even though Windchaser was a fledgling in the romance aspect, he felt anxious for this half demon beast and witch. Just say it out loud if you like her. Isn’t it a simple thing? It was just that he subconsciously ignored that he seemed to be similar to Inuyasha. He did not dare to voice his love either.

The will lurk in Inuyasha’s body began to cooperate. Godspeed was utilized at its limits. Before long, Windchaser had caught sight of the cherry blossom tree.

The tree began to wither.

A figure flickered continuously. Each flickering crossed more than ten meters. Then the figure stopped under the wi

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