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Chapter 942 Volume 9 – Chapter 159: Keep Each Other in the Heart (Part 1)

Old Ma and Old Liu were in the office, smoking one cigarette after another. It far exceeded the exhaust fan’s capability to refresh the air in the office.

Old Liu slammed the cigarette he smoked halfway into the ashtray full of cigarette butts, staring at Ma Houde, and said, “Did he really say that?

Ma Houde nodded and said, “His lips are sealed. He just said that he had a mission with him. At that time, he had no choice but to deal with the foreign old man in that situation.”

“Mission? He did it out of the situation.” Old Liu frowned, “Is the old foreign man a spy? What kind of mission does Wang Yuechuan have with him?”

“Will I come to you if I knew?” Ma Houde rolled his eyes. “I don’t think he is willing to disclose anything. His lips are sealed tightly. Moreover, he isn’t afraid either. I don’t know if he is on a special mission.”

“Wang Yuechuan is from the province. Although we don’t have the authority to interfere with him, he did murder in our territory.” Old Liu shook his head and suddenly asked, “Did he request anything? Like requesting to make a phone call.”

“Nope.” Ma Houde shook his head and said, “As soon as he walked out of the morgue, I immediately arrested him, searched everything on his body, and then locked him up.”

“What does he have?” Old Liu curiously asked, “Also, have we identified the old foreigner?”

“I found the old man’s identity certificate. I asked Lin Feng to check on it. There should be news soon.” Ma Houde said quickly, “As for him, I didn’t find any suspicious item. There’s just a wallet, key, cell phone, etc. There is also a weird book. Apart from these, there is only a pile of stones. Lin Feng said they are crystals.”

“A pile of crystals? Book? What book?”

“I don’t know. It should be a foreign language.” Officer Ma shrugged. With his academic qualifications, he could only recognize 26 English letters. Ma Houde suddenly said, “By the way, I also watched the video. This kid and the old foreign man were in the morgue as if they were messing up with something. They painted a pattern on the ground and sat for a long time… like a ritual.”

“Ritual?” Old Liu opened his mouth wide.

“Like a cult?”

“Is this old foreign man a terrorist?” Old Liu’s fingers trembled. It was natural to come into this deduction. Not long ago, probably before The Golden Week, there was a cruel case of serial homicides in the gymnasium. The murderer caught had escaped. It was labeled as a terrorist attack at that time. He didn’t know if these two incidents were related.

“I’m not sure. The information we have is too little. Old Liu, do you think you should call the person in the province to ask?” Ma Houde asked sternly.

Old Liu threw a troubled look at Ma Houde. He was about to retire from the frontline. He believed in the principle of inaction. He only intended to live his life safely, but he didn’t want to enc

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