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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 911 - Volume 9 – Chapter 143: The Loser’s League (Part 1)
Volume 9 – Chapter 143: The Loser’s League (Part 1)

Orochi didn’t expect it as the soul master had succumbed to Eric’s plan from the beginning. Not only did it fail to obtain the world’s power, but even itself was also significantly injured. The lightning strike dealt critical damage to the soul.

Orochi urgently needed to swallow something to recover. However, the cherry blossom tree’s root had absorbed everything alive in the Yan Wuyue World, especially around Unripe Rice Village. It was a dignified “calamity snake.” It wouldn’t lower its status and consume the insects in the ground.

But fortunately, the guy with the eternal emperor’s soul unexpectedly appeared near its escape route! How could it let go of this heavenly delicacy!?

Unexpectedly, heaven still opens a path to me, Orochi!

However, Orochi was afraid that Mo Xiaofei’s presence was Eric’s illusion. So, it had been lurking, confirming again and again whether the Mo Xiaofei that appeared in front of it was real. That little doll with the Yin Greedy Wolf seal next to Mo Xiaofei was superb food too. I need to be careful!

Orochi originally planned to observe for more time, but the sudden appearance of Yin Greedy Wolf’s will suddenly disrupt his plan. Is this guy taking food from a tiger’s mouth?

Seeing Yin Greedy Wolf’s will lingering by Zixing’s side, Orochi couldn’t sit still!

Yin Greedy Wolf’s will had to watch out for this purple snake. It knew about the Xiangliu clan, but the injured Xiangliu bloodline in front of it still gave off a dangerous feeling. It was weird that a Xiangliu without a body was still functioning.

As a result, Orochi and Yin Greedy Wolf, who belonged to the loser group, stared at each other in this small cave, wondering how to make a comeback.

“It’s hard to say who will emerge victorious if we fight. But, we can be certain that the remaining one will suffer irreversible damage.” Orochi still spoke first.

“The bloodline of Xiangliu clan, what do you propose?” Yin Greedy Wolf would not relax his guard on this purple snake at all.

“I want the man. You can have the woman.” Orochi stuck out his tongue. “We mind our own business!”

“Sure.” Yin Greedy Wolf agreed immediately without thinking.

Neither of them in the loser league took a move after the discussion; they just stared at each other. They did not take the things that had just been discussed into their hearts.

These two were both treacherous and cunning sly foxes. How could they easily trust each other? But they also understood that the longer they drag on, the more disadvantaged they would be.

This time it was Yin Greedy Wolf’s will to speak first, “The blood of the Xiangliu clan, how about we make the soul vow? Do not assault each other and help each other!”

The soul vow was something that soul master Orochi would not dare easily vow. But conversely, this kind of vow was more substantial than the trust between blood relatives and even husbands

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