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Chapter 927 Volume 9 – Chapter 151: The Third Card (Part 2)

“In these two days, you can help me dispense medicine.” Mo Xiaofei pondered, “If it is related to the business of ‘Longevity Palace,’ I will help you, but it is best if you can handle it alone.”

Saburo Nagato didn’t speak but pressed his hands on his knees and then bent down.

Unripe Rice Villagers did not know Master Nagato, who control life and death in this place, and his successor Shinji Nagato died.

No one paid attention to these because the Unripe Rice Villagers learned that the mysterious samurai would be distributing the magical medicine to resolve the curse. That was their top priority.

Saburo Nagato mobilized the servants of the Nagato family in his name to maintain order in the place where the medicines were distributed.

Mo Xiaofei handed over the pills one by one to the women. As for the man, he did some tricks to fool them and then claimed that he had resolved the curse. The males could now step out of Unripe Rice Village normally.

The Nagato’s household suddenly became quiet due to the deployment of manpower.

Outside the courtyard, Axiu was thanking Liang Tian, ​​looking at Liang Tian’s smiling expression. Axiu couldn’t tell if it was annoying or what, but she hoped that this guy could leave as soon as possible.

“Axiu, I queued up for a long time to get this medicine for you.” Liang Tian rubbed his hands and said, “I know you have to take care of Miss Chizuko, so you can’t walk away.”

“Thank you,” Axiu responded politely.

Liang Tian could see that Axiu was a little perfunctory. He stopped the flattery and left with an excuse. Axiu looked at the pill that could lift the curse in her hand and was startled. In addition to her share, there was naturally Chizuko Nagato’s share.

Eat it. Then, I will live a new life.

Suddenly, Axiu was a little distracted and even for a moment forgot that Chizuko Nagato was still playing alone in the courtyard.

Chizuko Nagato squatted by the pond in the courtyard, looking at the carp swimming in the water. She reached out her finger and gently poked her fingers at the pool as if she wanted to feel the body of the little carp with her fingers. Just when the fingers were about to touch, the fish swam away.

Chizuko Nagato tilted her head in doubt.

“It’s the refraction of light.”

Hearing the voice, Chizuko Nagato raised her head curiously and noticed that an elder brother in weird clothes appeared next to her, “Refraction?”

“Yes, you think you can touch something that you think is close, but in fact, it is somewhere else. It still has some distance from you. This is the refraction. Well, in short, that’s the case.”

Boss Luo squatted next to Chizuko Nagato. He stretched out his palm, took a glance at the carp in the pool, and then directly reached out into the water. When he withdrew his hand, he had already caught a small carp in his hand. “Have you seen it clearly? If you master the refraction, you can easily catch the fish. This is very useful for fishing.”

Chizuko Nagato nodded, seemingly understanding something. She took the little carp from Boss Luo’s hand. After thinking for a moment, she put it back into the pond and asked, “Must there be a refraction?”

“It depends on the place.” Luo Qiu smiled and then pointed to his heart, “For this place, it will always exist.”

Chizuko Nagato reached out her hand and felt her heart, then shook her head.

At this time…

“Miss Chizuko! Miss Chizuko!”

Axiu walked into the courtyard. Chizuko Nagato looked at Axiu, ran over without thinking, and plunged into Axiu’s embrace.

“Miss Chizuko, what are you looking at by the pond alone?” Axiu asked with joy.

Chizuko Nagato poked her head out in Axiu’s arms and looked towards the pond. Only to see that the elder brother on the pond nodded towards him and then slowly disappeared.

Chizuko Nagato opened her mouth and touched Axiu’s chest. Under

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