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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 912 - Volume 9 – Chapter 143: The Loser’s League (Part 2)
Chapter 912 Volume 9 – Chapter 143: The Loser’s League (Part 2)

Izanami felt the changes in world power. In Yan Wuyue, a terrifying thing was being born. It not only divided half of the world power but also unscrupulously provoked her.

Above the main hall of Yahiro-dono, the cherry blossoms started descending from the sky. In just a while, the cherry blossom petals had spread all around. Above the sea of ​​flowers, the demon beast Miki, wearing a white kimono, approached step by step.

Below the Pillar of Heaven, the rhizomes of the cherry blossom tree were now overgrowing. It entangled the Pillar of Heaven in circles, seemingly reaching the top of the Yahiro-dono.

“You have successfully got part of Yan Wuyue. Why are you still not satisfied? Must we get into a life and death situation!” Izanami’s stern voice sounded from behind the curtain.

“Actually, that’s still not enough. I haven’t swallowed you. Yan Wuyue is not thoroughly mine!” Miki’s face was cold, “After all, this Yan Wuyue was just an illusion you wove for yourself. You fantasized Izanagi didn’t abandon you because of your ugly face and wanted to revert everything. If so, then enter my body. I can also give you the same dream and make you never wake up!”

“I have an agreement with Eric. You can’t do that!” Izanami tore open the curtain. Her body was overflowing with the vicious underworld water, decaying everything in Yahiro-dono.

“Then you should know that this kind of verbal agreement has no binding power on me at all.”

Izanami’s original ugly appearance became even more ugly now. Indeed, this verbal agreement itself had no binding power, “Do you think that you can defeat me with this subpar power? In addition to world power, I’m the supreme creator of the Yan Wuyue world. How can you fight against my divine power!?”

“Really? Relying on the population’s faith is terrifying. When Yan Wuyue’s people are in awe of you, you do have powerful divine power. But not now…” Miki sneered, “Izanami, can you still extract the divine power of faith? Under my nightmare, what they believe in now is… me!”


A thunder fell from the sky and struck Yahiro-dono. The top of the entire hall exploded in an instant. Under the thunder’s destructive force, Izanami’s flesh boiled and squirmed. A desolate cry sounded on Yahiro-dono.

“In ancient times, there’s a kind of demon beast bloodline celestial fox in Divine Land. It is especially effective against gods relying on faith and incense prayers.” Miki unscrupulously walked to Izanami’s side and stretched out her hand towards Izanami. Her claws grabbed toward Izanami’s heart.

Under the thunderstrike, Izanami’s body became numb, and her soul trembled. She had lost all sense of direction, but that didn’t stop her from sensing the approaching danger instinctively.

At this moment, Izanami made a crazy move like a madwoman who was forced into a desperate situation, “I would rather detonate the Yan Wuyue world. You would never get to consume me!”

Boom…Starting from Yahiro-dono, the Yan Wuyue world trembled. This place was the center of the Yan Wuyue World Fragment, where everything originated. If space began to shatter from here, it would spread crazily throughout the entire world!

Miki’s expression became more serious, but she was not intimidated to give up.

There came her solemn voice, “If you want to break this world, then I will integrate it again!”

The fragmented space stopped abruptly at this time. Threads generated in the air, grasping these space fragments. Spots, which began to shatter, were glued together!

Izanami’s face was filled with despair.

“It’s like swallowing each other between single-celled organisms.” Looking up at the sky of Yan Wuyue, Boss Luo looked bored, “At the beginning of the world, no creatures with intelligence have been born yet. The cells acted instinctively, consuming the other cell to become stronger. Slowly but surely, the c

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