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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 889 - Volume 9 – Chapter 131: Disaster (4) (Part 2)
Chapter 889 Volume 9 – Chapter 131: Disaster (4) (Part 2)

Windchaser also felt a heavy weight dragging his body. He didn’t know where the pressure came from, but he thought it must be related to his elder brother.

Nagato Munechika suddenly laughed and stood up, “Stupid, why do you think I talk to you for so long. I have found ‘it’!”

Nagato Munechika stood up with a heart at the size of four fists in his palm. The blood vessels of the heart spat out some black substance. What was even more frightening was that the heart was still beating!

“What a wonderful muse’s flesh. Without feeding it completely, the heart pulse has improved a lot! It has never been so fresh. It’s a piece of fox demon beast’s heart that has already given me great power! Then, what if I swallow it completely.” Nagato Munechika’s mouth opened widely. His voice was so sharp that it almost lost its original tone, “What kind of power will I gain!?”

He bit this beating heart frantically!

But, as Nagato Munechika suddenly felt his palm become lighter, the heart that was about to be bitten disappeared. This is impossible!

Nagato Munechika froze in astonishment, staring blankly at the front. The demon beast’s heart rose in the air at this time, then fell directly into the opponent’s palm-It fell into the half demon beast, Windchaser’s hand.

“Are you an idiot? Your Uncle Windchaser has formidable speed?” Windchaser proudly placed the heart on his palm and gestured his middle finger towards Nagato Munechika, “Stupid old man! “

“My heart! Give it back to me!”

“Pui, this thing is messed up!” Windchaser spat out, threw the heart to the ground, and stepped on it without hesitation!

It was like just stepping on a watermelon. In an instant, Windchaser crushed the beating fox demon beast’s heart. Those black substances splashed around alongside mutilated flesh and blood spewing everywhere!

“My heart… Give it back to me… Ah!“

Nagato Munechika rushed forward frantically, but instead of attacking, he lay directly on the ground, “My heart! Mine! It’s all mine!”

He was picking up the mutilated flesh and blood on the ground, like a hungry person, madly stuffing them into his mouth!

“He has gone mad.” Windchaser frowned and glanced over. Nagato Munechika looked pitiful, but at the same time, his body began to fade again!

Mo Xiaofei and Windchaser also noticed the phenomenon.

Suddenly, a piercing scream sounded. The entire underground palace was shaking frantically at this moment!

“It’s from Longevity Palace!”

“Elder brother, this place seems to be collapsing!”

The two spoke out at the same time. Mo Xiaofei frowned but didn’t say anything. He rushed out of this place. Windchaser didn’t have time to ask, but he didn’t hesitate to follow.

“Help me! Help me…”

Behind Windchaser came the weak cry of Nagato Munechika. Windchaser looked back and saw that Nagato Munechika fell to the ground at this time. His body faded to

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