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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 890 - Volume 9 – Chapter 132: Chizuko Nagato’s Last Day (Part 1)
Chapter 890 Volume 9 – Chapter 132: Chizuko Nagato’s Last Day (Part 1)

Time hadn’t passed too much. In Eric’s eyes and hands, it didn’t take long to destroy his beautiful incarnation.

But for Izanami, the danger grew exponentially in the lapse of a second!

Between each breath, the arrogant Orochi’s qi skyrocketed frantically, which reminded Izanami of the monstrous and fierce majesty when Orochi was not sealed previously. It was a catastrophe to the Yan Wuyue World!

“Izanami, you shouldn’t leave Yahiro-dono! Without relying on the world fragment, you are such a low-level guy who relies on faith to gain the so-called divine power. How could you be comparable to the Divine Land’s ancient demon beast? Die!”

Orochi opened his hands instantly and laughed wildly. Shuten-douji’s body burst at this moment. A colossal figure rose into the sky. Orochi had revealed his form!

The eight huge snake heads, each with one horn, were dancing at this moment. Orochi had reached the height of about sixty meters.

Then, the eight heads shrieked altogether. The strange hissing sound was as if trapping Izanami’s soul in a small sealed metal cage. Something was constantly beating on the sealed metal cage, adding more agony to her.

Eric, whose eyes were pierced by the golden light, stood up with difficulty. Blood and tears dripped from the wound. Faced Orochi at this moment, even if he couldn’t see, he could still feel what was happening in front of him.

Eric sighed suddenly.Am I going to die here?

It seems that the answer is almost yes?


Eric felt that the vast cherry tree that plunged the world into a nightmare was right beside him. He reached out and touched it, “Orochi, the invader in the Yan Wuyue world, is not only you and me. The one entered after you, but before me.”

He sighed.

Eric finally said softly, “It’s time to wake up, young witch. If I can, I don’t want to do it. Between dream and reality, come forth.”

Eric fell to the ground slowly.


Chizuko Nagato’s body exuded a kind of spiritual qi that agonized Mo Xiaofei. It disturbed his spirit at this moment, giving a feeling that his head was about to explode.

His superpower came from the development of the brain. Hence, his spirit was particularly sensitive to external stimuli. The chaotic feeling exuded from Chizuko Nagato at this moment agonized Mo Xiaofei deeply.

He held his forehead immediately and fell to his knees with pain.

“Elder brother! How are you!?”

Windchaser panicked and directly helped Mo Xiaofei up.

Mo Xiaofei was in a cold sweat at this moment. His expression was pale, but his eyes fell directly on Chizuko Nagato at the moment. He said with difficulty, “I remember… I remember… the strange shadow in the dungeon is you. This feeling. That’s right. It’s you, Chizuko Nagato! The one who caged me in a time reset loop. It’s you.”

“Elder brother?”

Mo Xiaofei did not answer. His agony seemed to grow more intense. He stared at Chizuko Nagato, “Why are you? Tell me. Why don’t you let me come to this last day? What is it for? Tell me!!!”

Chizuko Nagato stood up suddenly, still with empty eyes, but just looking forward. Mo Xiaofei caught on something keenly and subconsciously looked into the ‘Longevity Palace.’

The people who fell in the pool of blood. There were men and women. They didn’t know what was happening during their bliss, so the collapsing boulder smashed them to death.

However, under the drug stimulation, some of those who survived were still having intercourse like wild beasts. The flesh stained with blood continued to release primitive desires.

There were no words to describe the scene unfolding. It was like the 7th circles of hell: lust that was drenched in blood.

Mo Xiaofei saw Axiu. The well-behaved handmaid fell in a pool of blood and saw the weird smile on her face.

Then, he saw Takeko.

Indeed, Takeko.

The young girl he

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