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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 890 - Volume 9 – Chapter 132: Chizuko Nagato’s Last Day (Part 1)
e would meet for the first time every time he reincarnated—the pure girl who shyly walked to his room at night.

Why is she here?

—I need the masculine energy. Otherwise, I won’t be able to live.

—I just turned fourteen.

—Sir Kojiro. Takeko is still a virgin.

—If it’s you, Takeko…

Takeko, at this moment, was like Axiu.

Mo Xiaofei pursued his lips. He immediately realized the unclear heartache. He finally understood the source of Chizuko Nagato’s chaotic spiritual qi.

Needless to say, he became almost in sync with this violent spiritual qi quickly under the keen mental power.


“Elder Brother?!”

To Windchaser’s astonishment, Mo Xiaofei surged with a terrifying qi. Windchaser couldn’t even react; his body was pushed out and hit the wall fiercely! But his body couldn’t even stop. He was directly pressed to the ground again!

The heavy gravity made Windchaser’s entire body pressed on the ground firmly!


The earth shattered and sunk. It crashed and sank again!

The ground was sinking deeper!

If this is just a nightmare…Windchaser raised his head with difficulty. This was the only action he could do with the aid from Greedy Wolf Ensoulment.

The elder brother, Mo Xiaofei, he was familiar with, erupted terrifying pressure at this time.

The Nagato family household disappeared. The entire Nagato family became a vast pit. All traces of it had been wiped out.

Mo Xiaofei was levitating in the air with his eyes blank, just like Chizuko Nagato. As for Chizuko Nagato, she was standing quietly at this time.

Under the brilliance of the full moon, a layer of cyan brilliance glowed. Apart from Chizuko Nagato and Mo Xiaofei, only Windchaser was left inside the pit.

“Destroy.” A whisper came from Chizuko Nagato’s mouth.

As if turning on the switch, Mo Xiaofei waved his arm towards the distance, only to hear rumbling noises. Not far away, a large area of ​​houses in Unripe Rice Village was directly crushed by the tremendous pressure!

“Disappear.” Chizuko Nagato said again without emotion.

Mo Xiaofei waved his hand again, crushing the place where his finger was pointing again. He was transformed into a Doomsday Devil.

In the distance, not too far away from Nagato’s house, Zixing got up with difficulty and looked at the Kondo’s Ashigaru, who fell on the ground.

When the danger came, it was these loyal subordinates who pushed her away from danger.

Zixing vaguely saw a figure like a Doomsday Devil in the sky above. She was surprised, “This is Mo Xiaofei? How could it be?”

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