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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 891 - Volume 9 – Chapter 132: Chizuko Nagato’s Last Day (Part 2)
Chapter 891 Volume 9 – Chapter 132: Chizuko Nagato’s Last Day (Part 2)

Such a devastating power had manifested on a human being. Subconsciously, Zixing even began to understand why Master Long wanted to accept Mo Xiaofei as her disciple.

This kind of power seemed to have no end. If it continues to grow, if the people who use this power could not control it, or if this power was released in the main world, how disastrous would it be?

But if this force could be incorporated into the right path, how much benefit could it bring to the world?

Everything in the Unripe Rice Village in front of her was being destroyed at this time. The villagers, who were about to fade away, disappeared into light spots in an instant.

Zixing vomited a mouthful of blood. She knew that although she had escaped a disaster, her body had received a hefty blow. She managed to stand up from the ground, only to see a woman standing in ruins in front of her.

A young and light girl in a white kimono.

She should have felt the gaze looking at her. The girl in the white kimono looked at Zixing at this time with a look of indifference.

“Who are you?” Zixing had a strange feeling, feeling that the white kimono girl in front of her was pretty weird.

She seemed to ignore all the pressure around her. She did not fade away like the rest in Unripe Rice Village.

“Your power has an evil soul,” blurted the white kimono girl.

Zixing’s pupils shrank suddenly. She said in surprise, “How did you know the existence of Yin Greedy Wolf!”

“Why?” The girl in the white kimono said calmly, “I sent you in here. How could I not know?”


“Chizuko Nagato’s last day.” The white kimono girl said in a sarcastic voice at this time, “The day she never wants to face, the day she destroys everything, the day she ceases to see anything.”

Zixing took two steps closer at this time and got a clear view of the appearance of the girl in the white kimono, “You. Why did you create this all!?”

“Me?” The girl in white kimono looked at the night sky suddenly, “I just want to fulfill his wish.”


“You don’t need to know.” The white kimono girl suddenly looked at Zixing, “That person is called Mo Xiaofei, right? His spirit has not collapsed even in countless nightmares. Because of this, he has been greatly strengthened. Mo Xiaofei’s power should be enhanced with the improvement of mental power. But at the same time, he was contaminated by Chizuko Nagato’s chaos, unable to control this rioting power. Have you noticed it? What Mo Xiaofei has done at this moment is what Chizuko Nagato once did.”


“Unripe Rice Village has long ceased to exist. As I said, this is Chizuko Nagato’s last day.”

“Explain clearly,” Zixing said in a deep voice. She didn’t like the feeling that everything was being manipulated.

“Do you want to leave this nightmare?” The white kimono girl turned her head slightly, “I can teach you how to leave this nightmare.”

“Why help me?” Zixing frowned.

“I just said. You don’t need to know.”

Zixing took a deep breath, “You…maybe you can’t leave either, right?”

“A woman who is too smart will not be liked by a man.” The girl in the white kimono shook her head and suddenly disappeared. However, she appeared directly in front of Zixing. At the moment when Zixing could not respond, her finger flicked on Zixing’s forehead.

Zixing only felt the world spinning. At the moment when her consciousness was lost, she caught sight of a white ribbon tied around the neck of this white kimono girl, “Who are you?”


Miki held Zixing, who was about to fall. She supported Zixing’s body, then stretched out her hand and inserted it into Zixing ethereally. At this moment, she entered Tsukihime Kondo’s body, “Master Eric, please wait for me. I will come out of this place.”

Miki’s eyes flickered in determination. She didn’t know what was happening outside. She just knew that her conne

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