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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 907 - Volume 9 – Chapter 141: Is There Such A Life (End) (Part 1)

Chapter 907 - Volume 9 – Chapter 141: Is There Such A Life (End) (Part 1)

Chapter 907 Volume 9 – Chapter 141: Is There Such A Life (End) (Part 1)

[If Chizuko Nagato could return smoothly, she would take over the shrine. After Chizuko Nagato quietly left, the Unripe Rice Village’s witch prepared the succession ceremony unprecedented thoughtfully. Inugami Inuyasha had changed back and forth between the stone statue and the demon beast manifestation four times in the morning. Every time, he came to the main hall to see the Unripe Rice Village’s witch and left. It was not until the fifth time that the Unripe Rice Village’s witch said, “Inuyasha, go back to the cave and get me some water from the pool.”]

[“You are so prepared. It seems that you are optimistic that the kid will come back safely.” Inuyasha leaned outside the door and did not leave immediately.]

[The Unripe Rice Village’s witch said softly, “If she can come back safely, these preparations will be handy. If she can’t come back, then treat it as early preparation for the next time. No matter the results, it’s always better to get prepared.”]

[“Your test is too difficult!” Inuyasha frowned, “I fought against Red Mage before. Even I am not his opponent. If the Red Mage did not injure me, it may not be easy for you to subdue me. Now that you let the kid deal with him, you are pushing her to die!”]

[“You have been dissatisfied with me for making you an Inugami. Now your contract has been transferred to Chizuko. If she encounters misfortune, the contract will be automatically canceled, and you will be free. Isn’t it right? If she can come back safely, you should be sad.” The Unripe Rice Village’s witch looked at Inuyasha again.]

[“Of course!” Inuyasha walked out of the main hall without looking back.]

The wind carried a peculiar power. Not only did Windchaser and Mo Xiaofei fail to break free at once, but they were also instead sent away at a considerable distance, unhindered.

But, Windchaser suddenly summoned a powerful force, grabbing Mo Xiaofei with one hand and Zixing with the other. He roared, breaking away from the wind, and finally fell to the ground.

“Windchaser, you…” Mo Xiaofei worried about the damage to the body as Windchaser summoned another power into itself. Windchaser was already tired because of that.

Windchaser shook his head and said, “I don’t know why but I felt power gushing out of this body continuously after the woman shot a light into me just now.”

Mo Xiaofei frowned and said, “Does she want you to help her deal with Chizuko Nagato in the demon beast version?”

But thinking about it again, Mo Xiaofei wasn’t so sure either. If the young witch had such a plan, she shouldn’t send them away. He and Windchaser exchanged their experiences in the Yan Wuyue World after touching the weird man with wounded eyes. At the same time, they gained a new understanding of the stories between ‘Inuyasha’ and ‘witch.’

“Elder brother, I want to go back.” Windchaser raised his head suddenly, “I don’t know why but

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