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acpven > Trafford’s Trading Club > Chapter 892 - Volume 9 – Chapter 133: Between Dream And Reality (Part1)
Chapter 892 Volume 9 – Chapter 133: Between Dream And Reality (Part1)

“Between dream and reality…Eric seems to be desperate.”

Dazhe stopped resting under the tree but came to the side where Boss Luo and the maid were. Something abnormal happened, which gave him a tingling sensation to be alerted.

Between dream and reality… The maid mentioned those words before.

Under the Miki tree, two identical Miki appeared. One was fused with the cherry blossom tree, but the other seemed to be freed.

“Boss, what is going on down here?” Dazhe frowned.

“[Between dream and reality].” Luo Qiu pondered for a while and then quickly added. “That is Eric’s special ability. According to my intelligence, this dream-eating tapir’s special ability can pull out everything residing in the dream; they would descend into reality.”

“Everything in the dream.” Dazhe scratched his head, then shook his head, “Dream is our imagination. Imagination has no limit. If Eric can pull out everything in the dream, isn’t he invincible?”

“Not so easy.” Luo Qiu also shook his head, “[Between dream and reality]. Dream-eating tapirs can only use this ability three times in their life. It is a consumable ability. At Eric’s level, everything beyond intermediate divine power can’t be summoned out. Moreover, even if Eric can continuously strengthen his power, there is a threshold between dream and reality, which cannot be exceeded.”

Dazhe nodded in realization. If there was no limit to such a unique ability, then there was no need for Eric to purchase any services from the club. To get everything in the world of Yan Wuyue, he could do it directly in his dream. Then, he just needed to breach the gap between dream and reality and manifest the reality he wanted.

“Is this Eric’s counterattack?” Dazhe was silent.

Orochi had the higher ground. It appeared that both Izanami and Eric would become the stepping stone to Orochi’s success.

“But… Even if he pulls out the dream through his ability at this time, can he change anything?” Dazhe was puzzled. “He pulled Miki out from his dream. I don’t understand his intention.”

“He doesn’t just want Miki.” Luo Qiu shook his head.

“Who is that?”

“Chizuko Nagato.” Luo Qiu said calmly, “The complete Chizuko Nagato.”

Just as the conversation between the boss and the employee ensured, something new happened under the vast cherry blossom tree. Even Orochi couldn’t immediately understand what happened in a moment.

How come there are two vessels?

Orochi could keenly feel that these two vessels were both real. The power contained in them was equal.

And that Yin Greedy Wolf too.

It appeared frail, but it exuded the purest Greedy Wolf Star spiritual qi. At first glance, it seemed to have just awakened.

As for the other Chizuko Nagato and the demonized Mo Xiaofei, Orochi did not care too much for the time being. But it vaguely felt that these two fellows should not be underestimated. There came a warning from the depths of its soul.

Izanami was also looking at everything in surprise at this time.

“Master Eric!”

Just when the two parties were in astonishment and fell into a short period of silence, Miki, who was giving Yin Greedy Wolf crazy power, suddenly screamed. She directly flew into Eric’s embrace, who fell on the ground.

Losing the enormous power provided by this vessel, Yin Greedy Wolf, who was in the middle of tearing off the third chain, suddenly became weak. No matter how crazy he was, he still couldn’t break the shackles of the chain!

Four chains with two broken and two intact! Yin Greedy Wolf had gained half of its freedom!

“No! Come back!”

Without Miki’s power, the black shadow that Yin Greedy Wolf transformed into was rapidly degenerating. In an instant, it went back to the state of being a black ball of light. The remaining two chains were dragging it back into Zixing’s body.

“No! Why! You can’t do this to me! I’m Alioth! The f

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