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Chapter 908 Volume 9 – Chapter 141: Is There Such A Life (End) (Part 2)

The feathered arrow shot out in an instant. Miki screamed as her physical body morphed closer to being a fox demon beast. The cyan demon beast power formed a coat like a real fox demon beast! Miki opened her mouth and easily bit the feather arrow in her mouth!

Without any hesitation, the demon beasted Chizuko Nagato bit on the shoulder of the young witch, and the sharp teeth tore off a piece of flesh.

[One after other feathered arrows were shot. Chizuko Nagato fell in front of a large number of small toad demon beasts, but the feathered arrows on her quiver had bottomed out. The Red Mage on the colorful cloud was relaxed and proud, “Witch, give up on your resistance. You won’t feel pain.”]

[Chizuko Nagato had her hand reached into the quiver and found that it was empty. Her face changed slightly, but she didn’t have time to consider her options. She could only hold the wooden bow and hit the toad demon beast away. This wooden bow was blessed with spiritual power. However, it was a pity that the wooden bow wasn’t as convenient as the feathered arrows. Her spiritual power depleted at an alarming rate. Is this the end? Chizuko Nagato looked at the wound on her arm bitten by a small toad demon beast. In the days of cultivating on the mountain, she would get hurt occasionally. But, that was entirely different from the current situation after all. Contrary to the Unripe Rice Village’s witch’s belief that humans would start recalling the past before death, Chizuko Nagato didn’t feel that way. Overexerting her spiritual power only made her feel tired. If she disagreed with the Unripe Rice Village’s witch and didn’t become a trainee witch, could she avoid what happened today?]

[Since Chizuko Nagato was part of the Nagato family, she would naturally live in the Nagato family’s household. With that, she would have the chance of witnessing the birth of Saburo Nagato’s and Haru Narukami’s child, as well as the delivery of Axiu and Shinji’s child. Later, Nagato Munechika might die of illness or die of old age. She would go to the funeral and watch the elders leave one by one. She might get married early and have children. Until one day, her offspring would stand in front of her tomb. It seemed like a good story.]

[“Brat! Hold on!”]

[An anxious voice came from a distance. Under the moonlit night, a flaming red figure broke into the toad demon beasts’ encirclement. He waved his claws, “You can’t die here. If you don’t remove the necklace for me, I will be upset! Don’t bring me trouble!’]

[“Inuyasha, why are you here? Didn’t Master Witch say that you are not allowed to act?” Chizuko Nagato frowned.]

[“Who cares about that!? I got to settle my score with this stinky toad too!” Inuyasha pulled out the saber from his waist. This saber was a weapon made from the teeth of Inuyasha’s father, a mighty demon beast. With this, Inuyasha sent out three solid winds and instantly swept away the toad demon beasts on the ground. He carried the saber and cut off a path towards the Red Mage without saying anything!]

[“It’s you half demon beast again. It turns out that you haven’t died yet.” Red Mage was not afraid. With a grinning face, wild winds and gloomy poisonous fog came. Then, he took out a nine-foot-long monk’s staff and clashed with Inuyasha’s saber.]

[There was a significant gap between Inuyasha and Red Mage already. All this while, Red Mage had harmed many boys, resulting in his power significantly increased. Inuyasha’s pressure increased in just a few clashes. Seeing Chizuko Nagato motionless at this time, he couldn’t help but yell, “Brat, don’t be stupid! How old are you? It doesn’t matter if you can’t do things by yourself. Having someone to rely on is fine!”]

[“Stall the Red Mage! I will prep up the sealing technique!” Chizuko Nagato nodded, then put down the wooden bow in her hand. She gestured a series of incarnations

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