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Chapter 958 Volume 9 – Chapter 167: Scattered Gifts [B] (Part 1)

At high altitude, the helicopter’s propeller made a rumbling sound. It went into a mountainous area.

“Sir Lobo, we are going to the attacked branch base soon. The helicopter is about to land. Please sit down.”

In the front cabin, a man in a white uniform turned his head and said.

“No, open the hatch here.”

The Wolf King, Lobo, waved his hand and let someone open the cabin’s side door directly high in the sky, “I can smell the prey.”

The two pilots looked at each other. They knew that the Divine General from Paradise Island was superman-like with robust strength. So they didn’t dare to hesitate at the moment and opened the hatch directly.

Lobo directly stepped out of the air with his body straight. He fell from above the sky. Lobo’s legs were only slightly bent when he landed on the ground, and he completely withstood the terrifying acceleration. The two pilots, who witnessed it, were stunned with their tongues out.

Lobo twisted his neck at this time. His bones made a creaking sound, and he quickly walked in a particular direction of the mountain forest-ahead. He could feel a strong will.

“Oh? After taking down the branch base, you didn’t leave. Did you deliberately wait for me?” Lobo smiled slightly.

There seemed to be a sense between the elites. Lobo locked on the opponent’s position even without any sophisticated equipment.

Lobo entered the forest, and the pilot was soon unable to track this Divine General. They could only continue to drive the helicopter forward. Only the branch base had the aircraft parking ground for the helicopter to land safely.

The two pilots were shocked when the helicopter passed the mountain and came to the sky above the branch base. The branch base was like a school built in the middle of the forest. At this moment, they were ruined.

The pilots landed, hurriedly walked out of the helicopter, and looked around. They found corpses scattered about. This place looked like hell, giving chills to the spine.

“What kind of slaughter happened?”

While the pilots were shocked, there came loud noises from the mountains, like a landslide! It seemed like a natural disaster!

It appeared this place was called Immortals Trail Forest by the guys who built the base in the mountains. Of course, there was no such thing as Immortals here, but the scenery was beautiful, just like the Immortals realm.

There was a small waterfall in the forest of Immortals. The water rushed down and hit the rocks, and the white mist of water drifted away like changing clouds.

At this moment, beside the flowing stream, a young girl in a black dress was washing her long hair.

The young girl was almost as pale as snow and sickly. It was Su Zijun who came here after crossing a quarter of the world. Except near the Mediterranean Sea, winter in the northern hemisphere was almost synchronous.

Inside the Immortals Tr

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