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Chapter 961 Volume 9 – Chapter 168: Scattered Gifts [C] (Part 2)

The bald old man was mysterious. Finally, he waved his hand to tear a crack and entered the darkness that made Lobo’s heart tremble.

Lobo began to look at the apartment.

The apartment was at least thirty floors up. Lobo didn’t know how many residences were upstairs. He opened the curtains, looked at the snow-covered city in front of him.

But he saw where the sun was.

So he looked at the east at the same time and said softly, “Zhen Long…”

Somewhere in Russia, where coal mines were abundant. The living conditions of the miners here had improved a lot during the recent period. The reason was that the boss behind this place had died for unknown reasons. Naturally, the corporation with this boss as the core had also collapsed. Hence, the exploitation had dropped significantly.

Although under the influence of capitalism, the miners were still the exploited group. Their life had improved a little bit…

Oleg took his son Antonlier back to the place where he was born and raised. But he didn’t tell anyone he knew before.

The father and son built a wooden house in the mountains far away from the village and the city. Oleg would go hunting in the mountains every day, while Antonlier would follow his father’s side and learn how to hunt.

The child said that he would develop a muscular physique and become a strong man beyond his father in the future.

But Antonlier had another wish that he had never said. He hoped that when his son grew up, his son could become a great boxer.

Today’s harvest was good. Oleg brought back a wild boar he hunted and dealt with it in delight. Antonlier prepared the other ingredients in the house.

Although the family had no female master for a long time, the relationship between the father and son was improving.

Antonlier suddenly heard some strange sounds coming from the stairs. Under curiosity, he ran upstairs.

—Antonlier came back to his room in the end.

When Antonlier opened the door, he found out that there was a gift on the bed. He blinked his eyes and opened the present anxiously.

OMG! It turned out to be a pair of brand-new gloves!

Could it be that my father gave me this gift?

Antonlier was pleasantly surprised to put the pair of gloves on his hands. He found that the gloves were too big for him to wear at this time, but he still couldn’t hide his excitement. He quickly opened the window and looked outside the house. He shouted at his father, who is dealing with the wild boar, “Dad! I love you! Thank you for your gift!”

Oleg was taken aback. He didn’t hear clearly what his son was saying when he was deboning the wild boar. He turned around in confusion but saw Antonlier withdrew into the room and closed the window.

“This child…” Oleg smiled and looked up at the sky. Hopefully, my wife in heaven can see how harmonious the family is.

After Long Xiruo quietly left the

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