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Joy of Life

Author: Mao Ni

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Updated: 2021-10-01 22:55:21

Latest chapter: 746 Afterward

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《Joy of Life》Latest chapter
746 Afterward
745 The Rainbow In The 12th Year Of The Qing Calendar 3
744 The Rainbow In The 12th Year Of The Qing Calendar 2
743 The Rainbow In The 12th Year Of The Qing Calendar 1
742 Walking In Front Of The Palace, Who Will Die?
741 A Rainy Day In Front Of The Royal Palace
740 Glass Flower
739 Noon 2
738 Noon 1
737 Wither
736 Dusk
735 No Lake That A Garden Shall Not Reclaim 2
《Joy of Life》' main text
746 Afterward
745 The Rainbow In The 12th Year Of The Qing Calendar 3
744 The Rainbow In The 12th Year Of The Qing Calendar 2
743 The Rainbow In The 12th Year Of The Qing Calendar 1
742 Walking In Front Of The Palace, Who Will Die?
741 A Rainy Day In Front Of The Royal Palace
740 Glass Flower
739 Noon 2
738 Noon 1
737 Wither
736 Dusk
735 No Lake That A Garden Shall Not Reclaim 2
734 No Lake That A Garden Shall Not Reclaim 1
733 The Name Of The Most Powerful Person
732 The Loneliness Of One Person
731 Scene Of Radiation And Legend
730 That Person Told a Story
729 Someone In The Temple 3
728 Someone In The Temple 2
727 Someone In The Temple 1
726 There Is A Temple In The Mountain
725 There Once Was A Mountain
724 A Night Of Northern Wind
723 Sudden Chaos In The Snow
722 On A Journey
721 One’s Heart Faces The North
720 Rock Garden
719 There Are Snowy Swords And Frost At Cang Mountain 4
718 There Are Snowy Swords And Frost At Cang Mountain 3
717 There Are Snowy Swords And Frost At Cang Mountain 2 In The Space Of A Flick Of The Fingers JW1
716 There Are Snowy Swords And Frost At Cang Mountain 1
715 A Commoner Facing The Emperor Alone 5
714 A Commoner Facing The Emperor Alone 4
713 A Commoner Facing The Emperor Alone 3
712 A Commoner Facing The Emperor Alone 2
711 A Commoner Facing The Emperor Alone 1
710 Heartbreak In Front Of The Hall
709 Who Is Killing In Jingdou
708 Blood In The Capital And Jiangnan
707 Chaos In Jiangnan
706 Pacifying Xiliang
705 A Sorrowful Song Of Defeat In Western Hu
704 Winter Arrives Again
703 The Truth Behind The Snowflakes
702 Variables In The North
701 Jingdou’s Man Of Leisure
700 Look, It’s Beautiful Up There
699 A Small Gif
698 Yes, Your Majesty
697 Could There Be Peace When Ruler And Official Meet?
696 The Young Lady Of The Fan Family In The Palace
695 Prepared
694 Name Of The Temple, Shadow Of The Person
693 Rain At The Qing Temple
692 The Members Of The Qinian Unit Embark On Their Own Paths
691 Seven Days
690 Washing One’s Hands Of An Official
689 Snowy Mountain In Dreams, Bloody Water In Basin
688 Unwilling To Wake From A Long Sleep In Fan Manor
687 Untitled Again
686 Sending Off Chen Pingping In The Rain
685 Looking And Laughing At Heroes Was Not Common 3
684 Looking And Laughing At Heroes Was Not Common 2
683 Looking And Laughing At Heroes Was Not Common 1
682 Chaos In Jingdou, Swaying Red Candle
681 A Finger Pointed To The Overwatch Council’s Subjugation
680 Bamboo Flowering Inside The Royal Study
679 Chen Pingping’s Revenge
678 Investigating Heaven And Earth Without Retrea
677 So What?
676 Decades Of Past Events And Anger
675 A Carriage Enters The City Alone
674 The Beginning Of A Battle Between Two People
673 The Wheelchair In The Night Wind
672 Gentlemen, Friend, Escape
671 I Want That Old Dog To Live
670 A Match Made In Heaven
669 Risking It All
668 Everyone Came From Jingdou
667 Wife
666 Rising Wind
665 The Return Road Is Bloody
664 Desire To Quell A Rebellion
663 A Simple Conquering
662 One Should Do As One Thinks
661 Opening The Hu
660 The Money Markets Of The World Must Be Killed!
659 One Object in the Air, the Swords in One Hand
658 Covered In Rain, I Came From The Sea 3
657 Covered In Rain, I Came From The Sea 2
656 Covered In Rain, I Came From The Sea 1
655 Temple, Ant, Notebook
654 Willpower Was The Way Of The Emperor
653 The Starlight Spilling Into The World
652 The Way Of Heaven
651 Ten Family Village
650 Farmer, Country Estate, Some Fields
649 Fish Guts
648 Making A Mistake
647 An Opening
646 Chaos In Spring Garden
645 The Black Umbrella In The Imperial Academy And The Light On The Nose Bridge
644 Fake Impetuousness During The Banque
643 To Know The Situation From A Cup Of Light Tea
642 Separate Challenges
641 Graves
640 Thinking Bitterly By The Courtyard
639 Growing Up Overnigh
638 Taking The Courtyard, Seizing Power
637 Discussing Marriage, Discussing Meri
636 Returning To The Capital To Beg For A Position
635 The Waves Retreating
634 We Are All Seas Of Different Colors
633 Poisoned
632 Only Saints Should Use Them
631 Drawing Four Swords, Considering A Vacant Hear
630 If Three Walk Together
629 In A Flash
628 A Large Tree
627 Old Man
626 The Pit In The Sword Hu
625 Brushing Hair
624 Each Emperor Has His Own Officials
623 True Joy In Front Of A Palace
622 The Secret In The Dusk
621 Guests In The Hu
620 Breaking The Willow, Entering The Hu
619 The Woman In The Mountain Residence And The Heart Of An Emperor
618 Reunions Can Happen Anywhere In Life
617 Shadows Follow By My Side
616 Cutting Plums At Leisure
615 The Same Road
614 I’ll Go When The Spring Comes
613 The Show Until Winter
612 The East Wind Blows
611 The Ditch Between Two Departments
610 Singing At Nigh
609 What Are The Intentions Of The Doctor?
608 The Same Moonligh
608 The Thunder Of Heaven And Fan Xian’s Lost Table
607 The Thunder Of Heaven And Fan Xian’s Lost Table
606 Schemes
605 To Accept Or Not Accept, This Is Not A Question
604 Young Lady Of The Wang Family
603 Old Events By The City Gate But Not The People Of Old
602 The Gazes On The City Gate Watch The Return To The Capital
601 See Through All the Scenery
600 Outside The Window
599 Return
598 Autumn Grasslands, Rising Sun, Black Knights
597 After The Battle Of The Hearts
596 Three Days
595 The Haitang Flower By The Lakeside
594 Two Years
593 Chief
593 The Young Man From The King’s Camp
592 An Old Friend In The Frontier City
591 Broken Knife
590 Chief
592 The Young Man From The King’s Camp
591 An Old Friend In The Frontier City
590 Broken Knife
589 Strong Liquor And Warm Intestines
588 The General’s Manor
587 Hu Ge In Dingzhou
586 Court Case In Passing Time
585 Our Unsatisfactory Winter
584 Can’t Be Covered By Qing Mountain
583 Sending Off A Comrade
582 The Emperor’s Intentions
581 In And Out, Gradually Gentling
580 You Are The Apple Of My Eye
579 A Hundred Years Of Solitude
578 Hearing The Bell Clearly
577 The Second Half Of The Scroll Of The Father And Son
576 The Watcher In The Maize
575 An Angry Grape
574 An Old Ginger Gradually Fading
573 A Dignified Life And Death
572 Blue And White Words
571 When Paper Enters A Lake, Fish Move. When A Sleeve Opens, People Die
570 The Consequences Of Dong Mountain
569 Entering The Sea Like A Waterfall, The Sun Rising Like A Mountain
568 The Way Of The Emperor
567 Clouds Leave The Sleeve Without Intention, The Sword Has Intention But Does Not Return
566 A Tree Of Flowers, A Thousand Notes For The Qin, A Single Person
565 Taiping Courtyard
564 Dingzhou Army’s Order
563 The Spy Of An Instan
562 Killing Qin
561 Jing Ge Assassinates Qin
560 Using The Black Knights As A Prologue
559 Who Formed The Monarch’s Heart In A Sea Of Fire?
558 No Peace While Sitting In The City
557 Placing Three Idols On The Palace Walls
556 Stealing The Banner, Stealing Power, Stealing Hear
555 Glory
554 The Attack In Front Of Zhengyang Gate
553 Giving Him A Taste Of His Own Medicine
552 The Shadow Of Chen Pingping As He Fled From Calamity, As Well As Children
551 Vicious 2
550 Vicious 1
549 Affectionate Eunuch, Merciless Arrow
548 Counting Arrows
547 Sounds Of Killing Inside And Outside The Royal Palace
546 Courage Because Of Determination
545 Idly Pushing The Door Below The Moon And An Explosive Entrance
544 That Nigh
543 Drawing The Dagger In His Shoe For The First Time
542 The Sword Is Never Shown When Killing
541 Whose Manor Is It?
540 A Child Jumped over the Wall
539 Who Could Live A Simple Life?
538 Secret Meeting In Yangcong Alley
537 He Has Actually Always Been Here
536 The Sound of Sorrow
535 Please Lend Sir Your Moral Character
534 The Beginnings Of Autumn
533 There Is a Layer of Skin on Every Person’s Hear
532 The Song Of Jingdou’s Cicadas
531 A Great Journey
530 Meeting At Dong Mountain
529 The Mortal World
528 The Great Grandmaster
527 The Sad Little Arrow
526 A Breathtaking Sho
525 Chase 3
524 Chase 2
523 Chase 1
522 The Heart on the Ship
521 Seeking Shelter In The Raging Sea
520 Covering The Moon
519 Longbows Seal The Mountain At Nigh
518 The Crescent Moon Shines On Dong Mountain
517 Words From The Hear
516 People In The Temple
515 White Clouds Rise from Tall Mountains
514 Waves Growing From The Precipice
513 The Monarch Arrives In The East Sea
512 A Lowly Monarch 2
511 A Lowly Monarch 1
510 Miserable Tears
509 Absurd Words
508 Tea, Liquor, Paper, Big Picture
507 The More Silence, The More Joy
506 When All Was Done
505 If You Support Me
504 The Young Lady Of The Fan Manor In The Forest And Letters
503 A New Generation Of Strange Little Creatures
502 Pi
501 Sigh
500 Flow
499 Imprison
498 I JW1
497 Thunderstorm 2
496 Thunderstorm 1
495 Blood And Yellow Earth In the Royal Palace
494 Half An Hour
493 The Three Nights In The Palace
492 Mountain Wolf Amongst Descendants 2
491 Mountain Wolf Amongst The Descendants 1
490 Laughter In The Ming Garden
489 The Major Figures
488 This Is A Conspiracy
487 Who Could Obstruct A Large Escorted Stone-Carrying Carriage?
486 The Death Of A Palace Serving Girl
485 Zhaoshang Money House
484 Attitude Determines Everything
483 The Third Generation
482 As Parents
481 The Origins Of Fan San Bao
480 Eunuchs Can Also Change The World
479 I Know What You Did Last Summer
478 The Fragrance Could Not Endure
477 The Unconventional In The Royal Family
476 Breaking The Ice Like Jade
475 Unexpected But Attained
474 Everything Has Order
473 Where Are The Roots Of The Straw?
472 Oh, Tears
471 Loneliness In The Palace At Nigh
470 Seeing The Eldest Princess Again
469 Those Stupid Matters…In The Palace
468 The Small One Is In The Shoe
467 Remember The Past, When You Were Young
466 No Ambiguity Between Ruler And Official
465 Returning To The Ancestors
464 Not Your Goddamn Business
463 There Are Enemies Under Heaven
462 Duke Of Danbo
461 The Great Court Conference
460 The Snowflakes And Bean Curds Before The Dawn
459 Fog
458 Discussing History At The Feast At Hongmen 4
457 Discussing History At The Feast At Hongmen 3
456 Discussing History At The Feast At Hongmen 2
455 Discussing History At The Feast At Hongmen JW1 1
454 Brothers Smile In Front Of Baoyue Brothel
453 Remembering The Past In The Royal Study
452 Intentions As Before
451 Washing Your Hands To Make Soup
450 There Is Snow Outside The Building And Thoughts To The North
449 My People, Their People
448 Big Brother, Don’t Scold Second Brother
447 Person In Picture, Sound Outside Picture
446 Three People, Three Thoughts
445 Old Wheelchair, New Wheelchair
444 When One Is In A Temple, One Has No Choice
443 There Are Dogs Under Heaven, Who Will Chase Them Away?
442 Who Can Resist?
441 The Old Grandfather Who Planted Pak Choi
440 From Where Is The Report From?
439 In Front Of The Bureau Of Military Affairs, A Great Head
438 Jingdou, I Trust You Have Been Well Since We Last Met?
437 White Snow, Red Woods, Black Hair
436 There Is Snow In The Valley
435 Thirteenth Wang
434 Snowy Night Meets Green Banner
433 The Few Days Before Leaving Danzhou
432 Only Talking About Relatives
431 There Is No Tofu In Danzhou Today
430 Mercy And Deep Running Still Waters JW1 Are A Pair
429 Grandson, Sister-In-Law, Husband And Wife, Ah…
428 Return Home With Honor 2
427 Return Home With Honor 1
426 A Letter On The Sea Breeze
425 The Son Of Heaven Has A Sickness
424 Officials Have Hear
423 Great Things To Be Done
422 The Sea Breeze That Brought A Stench Of Blood
421 Entering The Sheep Herd
420 I Came From Faraway To Make Our Appointmen
419 Who Is Whose Man?
418 A Night Of Drugging People But Not Killing Them
417 Announcing Verbal Orders In The Study
416 A Play Inside The Admiral’s Manor
415 Charging Into The Manor Again
414 Someone Is Doing an Assassination in the Bathroom
413 Someone Is Having A Feast In Jiaozhou
412 Entering The City
411 Leaving The Mountain
410 Father-in-law Laughing Talks About The Junshang Conference
409 Negotiations With Wife’s Family
408 Wuzhou Uncle
407 The Same Sky
406 Childishness
405 This Matter Does Not Concern Romance
404 The Sword And The Edic
403 The Gathering Of Abandoned Children
402 Blankets Protected The Common People Under Heaven
401 These Months
400 Hua Garden’s Brainstorm
399 One Strike To Topple The Building
398 You Dare To Kill Me?
397 A Strange Guest To Suzhou
396 You Make Trouble Outside The Garden, I Laugh Inside The Garden
395 I Watch The People’s Hearts From Above
394 Black Mud Beneath The White Frost In the City
393 Who Was Not Surprised?
392 Rising Climax
391 Bright And Cheerful Scenery
390 Spring Union
389 The Capital Deep In Spring
388 With Reason And Heavenly Migh
387 Picking Up A Giant Snowball
386 Fan Jian’s Sword
385 The Investigation And The Artist’s Work 1
384 The Matter Of The Ministry Of Revenue 2
383 The Matter Of The Ministry Of Revenue 1
382 Poaching Talent In Cour
381 The Palace And The Cour
380 Unwilling To Let Go
379 Whose Navy?
378 Behind The Ming Family’s Tragedy
377 Fishing
376 Killing Yuan Jingmeng To Swap Blood
375 The Night Of The Building Opening And Murder
374 Xinfeng Restaurant’s Buns, Prince, And The Lawyer In Cour
373 The Incomparably Harmonious Piece of Paper
372 The Family Property Lawsui
371 Torture Chamber And Will
370 Xia Mingji
369 The Bright Moon Is Not For Those Who Walk The Nigh
368 Pride Was Not As Heavy As Gold
367 Heaven Knows Not Because Of The Chime Of Drums
366 Heavenly Woman Scattering Flowers
365 Raising A Finger
364 A Slight Change
363 Big Brother, Long Time No See
362 The Bandits Of Room B4
361 The Door Of The Palace Treasury
360 A Good Man With His Body In Suzhou And His Heart On All Under Heaven
359 Mother And Son Of The Ming Family
358 Washing The Island
357 Choking The Throat Of Life
356 The Pebble In The Eye Of The Ming Family
355 Borrowing Your Hand To Hold The Northern Qi Emperor’s Hand
354 Road Of Spring
353 Some Things Can Be Done But Not Said
352 A Whetstone With An Independent Consciousness
351 Old Shopkeeper
350 Why Was The Imperial Envoy Angry?
349 Palace Treasury Strike
348 Very Tyrannical, Unable To Tolerate Trouble
347 Arriving At Shunde
346 The Way A Gentleman Obtains Wealth
345 The Money House And The Brothel
344 Dragon Rise JW1
343 Pick Up The Bowl To Drink Congee, Put Down Chopsticks To Curse
342 An Auspicious Sign From The Heavens
341 Coincidental Classmates In Youth
340 The Girl Selling Flowers And The Shameless Official
339 Loushang Tower, People Beyond People
338 A River Of Silver And Busy Receiving Gifts
337 Pledging Loyalty And Fan Xian’s Facade and Shadow
336 What Should I Use To Worship You?
335 You’ve Been Surrounded
334 A Situation
333 The Qing Kingdom’s Largest Bandit Ship
332 Bandits Came When Anchored At Yingzhou
331 Disturbance Before Leaving 2
330 Disturbance Before Leaving Part 1
329 Wishing You Meteoric Success
328 All Exists
327 Secret Movements In A Little Tower In The Palace
326 The Fan Manor’s Changes
325 The Cloth-Clothed Grandmaster Battle
324 Even If You Guess The Flower, That Is Tha
323 The Qing People’s Collective Memory Of The Ye Family
322 Knowing The Mother Is Better Than Knowing The Father
321 The Best Time
320 Mountain Living Notes
319 Who Could Kill Commissioner Fan?
318 Great Grandmasters, Black Market, Riddles
317 The Snow of Shangjing City
316 A Garden Tour with Unease 3
315 A Garden Tour with Unease 2
314 A Garden Tour with Unease 1
313 Love Letter
312 Reward and Conversation
311 The Eldest Prince Has Come to Visi
310 A Bolt from the Blue
309 The Patient in the Plum Garden
308 The Candlelight Surgery
307 The Injured in the Palace
306 Dagger, Seeing the Dagger Again
305 Chrysanthemum, Ancient Swords and Alcohol 2
304 Chrysanthemum, Ancient Swords and Alcohol
303 Autumn Woods, Secrets, and Consequences
302 Chen's Garden has Guests
301 There is a Swing on this Side of the Wall, and there is a Street on the Other
300 Medicine
299 There is Nothing Wrong with Watching Leaves Fall
298 The Greetings Outside the Capital Government Office
297 Prostitutes, Pedestrians and a Downpour Assassination
296 Repossession
295 The Night Outside the Capital
294 Drawn Together
293 Exile
292 The Old Fan and the Young Fan
291 Family Discipline
290 Brother
289 Shutting Down
288 Follow Me Home
287 Heroes Start Young
286 There is Concern
285 The Mantis Blocks the Road
284 Blocking the Stree
283 Ruthless Fighting
282 Fan Strikes
281 Sang Wen
280 Bao Yue House
279 Do You Want a Newly Embroidered Handkerchief?
278 Is It Worth Studying Abroad?
277 King Jing’s Birthday Feas
276 The Youths Inside and Outside the Palace
275 The Bright Fist in the Dark
274 The Lashings
273 Courtroom Debate
272 Confrontation in front of the Palace
271 An Zhi
270 The Memorial in the Palace Storm
269 A Saint?
268 Interlude of Black and White
267 Eunuch Dai’s Wise Decision
266 She Showed Self-Respect, You Became a Perver
265 Xinfeng Restauran
264 Rectification!
263 A Youngster in the Bureau
262 The Lone Bureau
261 Leaving the Palace to be Lords
260 Sky above the Carriage, Bean Sprouts in the Palace
259 The Ninth Month
258 Absurdities in the Rear House
257 In a Hurry
256 Family Business
255 Fighting for Passage
254 Autumn Harves
253 The Long Pavilion, the Ancient Road, Tossing the Handkerchief
252 Carry on the Torch
251 Even the Emperor Gossips
250 Look Up, Look Down and then Laugh
249 Fighting and Play-fighting in the Palace Contes
248 This World, this Woman!
247 Farming, Drinking, Chatting, and Deciding the Future
246 Get Thee to a Nunnery
245 Why Are You Coming, Xianxian?
244 Why Have You Gone so Pale Once Again?
243 Close Your Eyes and Be at Peace
242 Today’s Chapter is Untitled
241 The Little Girl Escapes the Temple
240 The Temple of Eternal Nigh
239 Traveler of this World
238 Fan Xian Jumps off the Cliff
237 Damp Firewood and Cheap Shots
236 Fan Xian Follows
235 Failure
234 Ambush
233 Overlooking the Prison Break
232 The More The Merrier
231 Ruoruo Is Getting Married!
230 Happy News
229 Shangjing’s Secret Agents
228 Killing in the Alley
227 A Real Man Loves His Children
226 The Plo
225 Things Aren’t as You Imagined
224 Young Yan Is Freed
223 Meeting Shen Zhong in the Rain
222 The Idealists
221 Ripping the White Robe
220 Seeing Yan Bingyun for the First Time
219 What’s It Got To Do With Minister Fan?
218 Do You Want To Get Rich?
217 Chang Ninghou’s Mansion
216 Developments in the Imperial Business
215 The Old Shop on Xiushui Stree
214 Tan Wu Is Not A Literary Man
213 The Fighting Envoy
212 To and Fro
211 A Country Girl Indeed!
210 There Are a Lot of Talented People Named Fan
209 Chatting with the Emperor
208 The Envoy Enters the Palace
207 Thick Night on Mottled City Walls
206 Arriving in Shangjing
205 By the Roadside
204 Wuduhe
203 In A Word, Hear
202 Prelude to Psychological Warfare
201 Haitang’s Lus
200 Untitled
199 Shamelessness Against Virtue
198 Haitang Duoduo
197 Startling Developments in the Meadow
196 You Die, I Live
195 Open the Door; Release the Dogs
194 Uncaged
193 Eldest Princess’s Vision
192 Si Lili’s Secre
191 White Birds on the Lake, People on His Mind
190 A Blade in an Oil-Paper Umbrella
189 Silent Killings in the Capital
188 Learning from Xiao En
187 Operation White Sleeve
186 Romance in the Carriage
185 An Artless Poisoning
184 Outside the Capital
183 Xiao En Leaves Prison
182 Nigh
181 Blasphemy
180 Chilling Equipmen
179 Small Flower
178 A Shadow in the Mortal World
177 The Real Overwatch Council
176 The First Visit to the Manor
175 Commissioner! Commissioner!
174 Chaos in the Ministry of Justice
173 Debate
172 The Counterattack of the Capital Officials
171 The Powerful Minister Takes to the Road
170 A Royal Proclamation
169 A Brilliant Day
168 A Visitor in the Rain Part 2
167 A Visitor in the Rain Part 1
166 Cheating at the Exam Hall
165 A Clap of Thunder
164 You’re Confused, I’m Confused… Everybody’s Confused 1
163 Spring Wind and Rain Enters the Imperial Exams 1
162 Being an Examiner is Really an Interesting Job
161 Examination
160 The Riverside Makes One Weary
159 The Second Prince
158 Back to the Capital
157 Chapter 3
156 Court Discussions Part 2
155 Court Discussions Part 1
154 Chapter 48-49
153 Chapter 47
152 Chapter 46
151 Chapter 45
150 Gifts Part 2
149 Gifts Part 1
148 The Grand Wedding II
147 The Grand Wedding I
146 Poetry Anthologies and Speeches
145 Doing the Math
144 Leaflets Like Snow
143 Clarity after Autumn Rain
142 Secrets of the Box 2
141 Secrets of the Box Part 1
140 Who is the Assassin?
139 Guangxin Palace
138 There Is a Key in Everyone’s Hear
137 Eunuch Hong
136 Intentions of Entering the Palace While Drunk
135 Luminaries of the Ages
134 Evening Feas
133 Agreement Beneath the Sewage
132 Startling News of Lord Yan in the North
131 The Rush Back to the Manor
130 My Hand Running Through Your Black Hair
129 The Imperial Concubines
128 That Chilly Royal Palace
127 There Isn’t a Single Trustworthy Person in the World
126 Sincerity in the East Palace
125 Old and Vicious Shaoqing Xin
124 Unartistic Negotiation
123 The Emissaries from Northern Qi
122 The Box, the Poison Needle, and the Killer
121 Unlucky Despite the Promotion
120 The Crown Prince Rides
119 Finding a Plum Branch in Summer 1
118 A Tale of Quarreling Fairies
117 A Waft of Cumin by the Lakeside
116 Summer Vacation
115 Give Mountains, Give Rivers, Give Snuff Bottles
114 Coffin-Breaker Technique and Little Tricks
113 The Glorious Tradition of Cheap Shots
112 Reaping the Whirlwind
111 Morning Roll Call at Taichang Temple
110 Talking About the Future in Qingyu Hall
109 An Encounter Between Unacquainted Enemies
108 Paying Respect Across the River
107 Moonlight in the Mountains
106 The Country Estate
105 The Arrival of Summer
104 That Woman
103 Breakthrough in the Puzzle
102 Deception Before Emperor
101 No Title
100 The Vineyard Collapses
99 Sweet Words
98 Torturing a Frail Woman in the Celestial Prison
97 The Official’s Suicide
96 Danbo Bookstore
95 Not Letting Flirting Interfere with Selling Books
94 The Functionary Wins the Queen of Flowers
93 Talking About the Capital Outside Cangzhou City
92 Wang Qinian’s Life
91 Fan Xian on the Move
90 Investigation
89 The Case of the Young Killer on Niulan Stree
88 Can the Ant Climb the Tree?
87 Pillow Talk
86 Shopkeeper Ye of Qingyu Hall
85 Clan School
84 Time-Crossed Lovers
83 Through the Window
82 Enter the Chamber
81 Entering the Hall
80 Searching for his Fiancée
79 The Wise Empress Dowager
78 The Slap
77 In the Palace
76 Dispute
75 Courthouse Farce
74 The Lawsui
73 The Bag of Pain
72 Like an Orchid
71 Si Lili
70 King Jing’s Declaration
69 The Poetry Battle
68 The First Blow
67 By the Lakeside
66 Meeting Guo Baokun Again
65 The Prince’s Mansion
64 Poetry
63 Simple Reasons
62 Early Summer
61 The Proposal
60 A Brother-sister Cha
59 The Young Accountan
58 It Was Her
57 The Fluttering Hear
56 The Nobleman
55 Candied Berries and the Temple of Qing
54 Inside the Overwatch Council
53 Alone
52 In the Carriage
51 Crown Prince Jing
50 What is Strength?
49 In the Restauran
48 Street Literature
47 The Treasured Red Book
46 Old Friends in a Distant City
45 Palace Intrigues
44 Father and Son
43 Ruoruo’s Lessons
42 Lady Liu
41 Entering Fan Manor
40 Approaching the Capital
39 Leaving Danzhou Harbor
38 Last Nigh
37 To the Capital?
36 The Spring of the 4th Year
35 Memories of a Rainy Nigh
34 Zhu the Cool
33 Idle Years
32 Tipping the Boa
31 The Singing Visitor
30 The Pas
29 The Book Thief
28 Nighttime Reading with a Beautiful Girl
27 The Overwatch Council
26 The Old Man in the Blanke
25 Tofu Like Jade
24 Assassin
23 Maokouzi
22 “The Poets”
21 Pain
20 Standing at the Top
19 A Matter of Dignity
18 Blood and Tears
17 I Offer This Kitchen Knife to You
16 A Letter from the Capital
15 Farewell for Now, Fei Jie
14 The Sea Salt Merchan
13 The Crude, Simple Explanation
12 Overpowering Qi
11 The Fifth Grandmaster?
10 No Shame in Asking
9 Age is Just a Number
8 The Cemetery
7 The Gues
6 The Pillow
5 The Nocturnal Visitor
4 Practice and Study
3 The Nameless Yellow Book
2 Story Time
1 A Length of Black Cloth