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Breakfast was amazing, she appreciated good food and this was no exception. It definitely surpassed the bowl of cereal she had planned to have.

"Thank you for breakfast" Tale said standing up to clear the table. She definitely wasn't a lazy bean, he could tell.

"Thanks for not kicking me out" he replied joining her.

"You didn't leave me much choice" she reminded him.

Who would? he asked himself honestly and that scared him. She was beautiful but he had never been one to act on impulse.

Her phone rang out from her bedroom as she dropped everything she was holding to go answer it. It was her best friend. Precious.

"Hello, hey girl..."

"Don't hey girl me, you said we needed to talk, who we beating up?

"Nobody" tale responded laughing as she closed the door behind her. Precious has been her friend since her university days, 7 years later and their friendship is still standing tall, she could not be more thankful for true friendships.

Precious was a lecturer, at 24 she was currently the youngest lecturer at the Eastern part of the country if not all around the country.

She was intelligent, smart, beautiful and a really good friend.

"So what's going on? what do we need to discuss?"

"How about we talk later" Tale responded not feeling comfortable to talk about the devil in her life while he was in her apartment.

"If you are alive to talk later coz I'm about to kill you for this suspense you just put me into. Okay give me a hint!" Precious pleaded.

"It's about a man, boy, devil" ears shot up at the other end of the line

"You met somebody, how? Was he downloaded because I know you don't go out, did you join a dating app? and why are you whispering? Omg, you are together right now aren't you? Have you done him yet?" Precious let her questions roll out like a running tap. "Okay, that's a lot to process but i promise to tell you all about it tomorrow, let's meet tomorrow and you can ask me anything" Tale replied laughing at how her friend must be feeling, precious was a busy body and she didn't mind, it was better to have someone that cared a little too much than to have none at all. Precious said something on the other side but Tale wasn't listening anymore as she could hear footsteps in her kitchen and that left her wondering how long he's been there.

"I have to go" Tale whispered into the phone "Omg, you are totally not alone, use protection!" precious replied laughing.

"Shut up, bye!" tale said finally cutting the call.

As she hung up the phone she put on a stern look as she came out of her room to find Su Yan about to sit on her couch, the dining table was wiped clean. That was fast she thought, as she tried to not think about what else those hands could do.

"It was my best friend" she said immediately "she's a nosy one sometimes but with good intentions" she noticed he seemed to relax once she explained, did he think she was talking to a man? She spoilt that show before it even

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