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...she had wanted it even more and still did.

"Tell me what happened?" Precious removed the blanket off her, she dragged it back and that got her to be sit on as Precious climbed on top her.

"Ah, what gives! Get your big butt off my face, i think I'm dying, Precious i can't breathe! Elephant!" she wailed as she laughed out for a minute as Precious got down taking a position on her bed.

"Good, that will tell you not to keep shut when i ask a question, now spill. I thought he was gone already, i should have stayed a while longer at the movies"

"You went to the movies, alone? For me?"

"Don't get emotional on me, how was he, I mean it, I mean the date"

"Seeing as you are the master planner and instigator I'd reward you with an answer, it was good"

"More! That's it?!"

"You bet!"

"Oh hell no Missy! Details now" as she tickled her friend.

Tale laughed as she was sensitive a lot to being tickled "Ok stop, i'd talk! You are nosy, you know that?

"Yes and proud of it"

"OK" she said sitting up as she went into details about what had happened.

"Dammit, i should have waited five more minutes"

"I'm glad you didn't"

"Look at you, you wanted it now, didn't ya!

"Your fault now, wasn't it? she replied in same tone.

"You almost got this glow and i can't wait to see it last longer"

"Shut up!" she finally gave in "Jeez he's so hot and smells so freaking good"

"Tell me more" Precious said as they took a position at the head of the bed and gossiped for the next hour.

GRA phase 2...

"Hello stranger" Woo Jin dressed in a grey sweatpants and white tee that pressed tight to his chest and arms had spent the day alone and didn't dare call him as Su Yan had warned him not to.

"Hello" he walked to the bar frowning as his hands swept his hair back in frustration.

"How was your date? Are you not going to tell me what is going on so I'd be able to help out"

Dark eyes looked up from the drink he had walked straight to. He couldn't think of anything else as thoughts of how he could have kept her in his arms, kept her there until he got that kiss flooded him. Precious would have understood, she would. Instead he had chickened out! Dammit, she was right he really was a chicken!

A frustrated Su Yan downed the whole glass of the drink he just poured himself.

"OK that's enough" Woo Jin took the drink and glass from Su Yan hands and dropped it at his side.

If there wasn't anyone who wasn't afraid of Su Yan it was Woo Jin. Trust and true friendship had taken away the need to fear, loyalty had made room for comfort and that was why when Su Yan gave his death stare Woo Jin didn't flinch.

"Let's talk about it"

Su Yan sat down as he narrated his ordeal to his friend who tried his best not to laugh all through. He had never seen his friend let anything get to him especially in matters concerning the opposite sex. It was rare. There have only been one woman in Su Yans life, she had been his first love, his friend would move heaven and earth for her, until it ended and there was no going back.

"All this over some kiss"

"If you can't talk with respect keep shut" he was worked up enough as it was.

"Ah, here we go, something just tells me you will get another chance" Woo jin poured the both of them a drink. "Drink up!" "A woman who could shake you up this bad, reject you and yet you still went looking for her and above that made you smile, is worth drinking to. Cheers my old friend" he drank.

Su Yan studied the drink absently as he thought over what his friend just said. Yes she is worth it, he took a drink.

Forces Avenue...

"What should i do now?" they had made a floor bed in her living room as she wasn't sure she wanted to be in her room, she kept seeing her and Su Yan in that intimate moment.

"I'd say go for it, what is the worst that could happen"

"I get hurt again. Badly"

"Chris was a level 10 loser. Su Yan is different both physically and literally. Somet

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