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...God why me!

Su Yan tried to convince himself on his ride home that Tale wasn't different from the woman be had falling in love with. She came from money too but she loved the power the Zhang family name brought to her. If Tale knew how much wealth he came from maybe she would change towards him, but he knew down he was wrong. She was a girl who cared about the simple things of life, she rode a children's tricycle for heavens sake without shame, he smiled when he recalled how happy she was on it. But she was caught in a corner and a job that didn't give her much joy and even while she spoke of happiness he wished she could listen to herself. She could turn something small into a beauty haven judging from her apartment. It was home.

"You know i do not worry over you again"

Woo jin said the moment he walked into their apartment.

"Good, we finally agree on something."

"You went to see her again didn't you" an amused Woo Jin asked, he no longer recognize the man that was his best friend.

"Yes i did, i had to" he said as he poured himself a drink, he felt particularly happy

And there was no fighting the reason why

"You do know you are going down an impossible path, right?"

"Nothing is impossible, nothing"

"Is this just a fling or you want something serious with her, tell me the truth."

"Time will tell" Su Yan replied as he downed the last of his drink and headed to his room.

The next day for tale felt like Monday. She was behind her desk, her glasses wasn't seeming to be protecting her eyes like it used to, her computer was booted. Following her routine she set to do all she had to do. There was always leftovers work to do. Her challenge of making numbers fall where they should started. She was only the junior accounts but how most of the work fell on her shoulders was something she couldn't question as she was sure she would be guilty for ever asking.

As an accountant one plus one always had to equal two, but as who she wanted to be, she would take those ones and form an L which would stand for Life, Living, Love and all the things she longed for.

As she skimmed through a spreadsheet her phone beeped

"I know you can't talk right now, but you can text, how was last night?

"Last night was fine, i had a good night sleep.

She had indeed had a good night sleep. Maybe that person was a good vibe after all.

"Don't play coy with me, what happened!"

"Nothing did precious, but we are definitely friends now, and its going off to a good start" He had called her that morning to check in and she had appreciated it a lot.

"I want grandkids!"

"Of course you do, i have to go"

With that she focused on the work for the day.

* * * * *

It has been more than a week since their friendship was defined and he liked it but with each passing day he itched to see her.

It was taking him a great deal of control not to drive to her house uninvited. So he did his best to get himself invited.

Its was another Thursday and just another day in her life. She had just closed up her office and was greeting the cleaner who had just done her last round when her phone rang.

"Are you done with work for today?" Precious voice sounded through the phone

"Definitely, why?

"I'm close by, figured i could use the company"

"Sure, I'd be at the bus stop

"See you in five"

"See you in ten tale corrected.

They say we are lucky if we get one good friend in a life time. She felt lucky then but the mild burning pain below her breast bone wasn't helping her reel in that luck. Her ulcer was getting worse, she had skipped enough meals to last her a life time. During work days she barely had enough time to eat and for all the times she tried to cover up for not eating on the weekends wasn't doing her much justice. So she made a stop at a pharmacy to get the usual quick treatment for the pain.

"It took you 15mi

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