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acpven > The hypnotizer > 88 End of a day filled with sex
All women along with Jake finished their lunch. All of them had eaten a lot due to their previous intense workout in having sex.

It was also clear this day wasn't over for some time, so they made sure to eat a lot to have a lot of energy.

Jake watched as all four of his slaves worked hard to clean the table and kitchen as quickly as possible, so they would be able to return to the thing they all wanted to do most. Hot and horny sex.

Their pussies twitched wanting to feel the amazing thing which is Jake's big long dick inside their bodies.

Jennifer and Stefanie had only been turned into Jake's sex loving slaves recently, so their lust wasn't that big for now.

Kayla and Julia on the other hand had been with Jake for a few weeks already. And they knew there was nothing better than to have their master pound them for as much as possible.

Jake just enjoyed looking at the two naked and two apron covered bodies. Tits jiggling everywhere, while asses bubbled and hips swayed. He would never truly lose interest in any of his slaves. He could watch their naked bodies for days without getting a single bit bored.

All of the women knew Jake was looking at them, so they made sure to look as lewd as possible, showing him their tits, ass, or pussy whenever they could.

Julia and Kayla were the least embarrassed having been doing these for many days already. Jennifer and Stefanie at first watched the mother-daughter combo arouse their master before they self began doing it as well with a bright red flushed face.

It didn't take long for the entire dinner table to be cleaned, while the kitchen was also sparkling.

Seeing they had finished their job Jake stood up from his chair as he said: "Let's go in the living room, I have an announcement to make."

Without fail they followed Jake into the living room.

"Kayla, Jennifer, and Stefanie sit down on the couch please, Julia you bring that lewd body of yours over here," Jake said while standing in front of the couch.

Julia guessed what was coming next and happily went to stand next to Jake, who immediately grabbed an ass cheek of hers.

The other three pouted seeing Julia happily enjoy being groped, but sat down on the couch anyway.

Seeing the three had sat down and were looking at him Jake said: "All right, I've decided to make this horny housewife here the 'head slave'. Julia will make sure to train her fellow slaves along with me so they can serve me to the best of their abilities. She'll also be in charge of the household and can order any slaves to help her to do chores. I want the house clean at any time, as bedsheets that have been stained with the aftermath of sex washed immediately. Understood."

Naturally, all of them had their reservations hearing Julia got some power over them as well, but nodded anyway saying: "Yes master."

Julia looked happy being officially called the head slave.

"Now," Jake continued slapping Julia's big round butt, "Julia is still a slave such as you and if she ever takes her newfound authority too far she'll be punished accordingly. Also without my explicit command saying otherwise, on the bed, Julia is the same as the rest, a slave who will do her utmost best to serve her master, me. Do all of you understand?"

"Yes, master," the three women on the couch said in unison.

*Pats Pats* Jake smiled as he spanked Julia's ass some more, saying: "I said all of you."

"Y-yes master, I'll definitely not let you down."

"Good, now then shall we go to the bedroom once more?"

All four of them got a happy look on their face knowing some good times were once again coming.

The rest of the day, only moans came out of the master bedroom. Only stopping to eat some dinner in between.

Jake's dick was continuously pleasured by all the women, never let alone.

Even Jake himself was surprised how his dick didn't seem to go down at all and when it showed some signs of it, the four of them had it

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