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While carrying Stefanie in his arms Jake made his way towards the master bedroom once more, where he just fucked Julia in her ass. Now though it would be the place his slaves would serve him together.

Stefanie enjoyed being carried like this by Jake and made sure to snuggle in his chest, knowing it wouldn't last for long.

Arriving in the bedroom the smell of sex was already in the air. All women felt their pussy twitch knowing Jake's big and burly dick would make sure none of them would go unsatisfied.

Jake's dick was already fully erect as he thought about three of his slaves serving him together. He had already experienced many threesomes with Julia and Kayla, but now it would be a foursome with Julia, Jennifer, and Stefanie, who would later be joined by Kayla.

All four of them were extremely beautiful. Most having big curves, while there was one who didn't. Jake though didn't care about this at all, loving all his slaves equally.

Arriving in front of the bed he threw Stefanie on it, causing her to shriek, not expecting Jake to do this. After sitting on the bed she looked at Jake pouting.

Jennifer and Julia entered the room as well closing the door behind them while standing on one of his sides each.

Jake grabbed both big meaty asses of the women and kneaded them as he wanted. Both women licked their lips not being able to wait to have Jake's dick enter their secret holes.

Jake said: "Well then this will be the bed we'll make lots and lots of love today and naturally many days to come."

All three had a lewd gaze as they said: "Yes master."

"Now then," Jake said giving Jennifer's butt a good squeeze, "get on the bed and spread those long beautiful legs."

Even though Jennifer was a bit nervous about being seen by other women as she had sex with Jake, it also turned her on a bit and she immediately followed Jake's command. Getting on the bed while exposing her pussy towards him.

"Stefanie," Jake said suddenly while positioning himself in front of Jennifer's pussy, ready to enter her at any moment."

"Y-yes master?"

"How about you take care of your teacher's breasts?"

"Yes master," Stefanie said while getting behind Jennifer. Her arms went underneath Jennifer's armpits, while her cute small hands landed on top of Jennifer's bust.

Stefanie's hands weren't even big enough to fully grab her teacher's tits. Naturally, this made her feel very jealous after all, her own were just little bumps, so now that she had the opportunity she would make sure to use these balloons to the best of her abilities.

Jennifer was meanwhile blushing fiercely as one of her students was kneading her breasts in whichever shape she wanted.

Just before they had to play with each other's bodies, but now Stefanie was playing with hers one-sidedly and by the feeling of it it seemed like she wouldn't be as soft as before. It seemed like Stefanie had let go of her nervousness after Jennifer had made her cum wit

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