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acpven > The hypnotizer > 65 Deep kiss once more
After experiencing another nice hot steamy morning session with Julia and Kayla, Jake went to school once more.

Just like the day before Stefanie didn't wear any form of underwear and Jake made sure to enjoy himself with her body once more. Stefanie just let him do as he pleased knowing there was no stopping him anyway.

She gave him a blowjob once again when they had a short break from classes. Feeling Jake's dick in her mouth as well as swallowing his semen felt insanely nice for Stefanie and she was getting more and more addicted to it every time she gave Jake a blowjob after which a big amount of semen would be poured down her throat.

The time passed by quickly and soon it was the only class of the day Jake was actually interested in, English. Naturally, he couldn't care less about the class itself, the thing he was interested in was the teacher in front of the room.

Just looking at her sexy figure made Jake feel extremely good and every day he needed to hold himself back from just hypnotizing her before blowing her brains out in bed.Even though he wanted it madly, he wanted Jennifer to come to him and not the other way around. Like that it would be far easier to turn her from his teacher into a loyal slutty slave. And by the looks of Jennifer's behavior in the classroom, that day wasn't too far off.

Jake had realized the day before that Jennifer was changing fast and she failed in hiding it more and more each passing day. He could see the horniness in her look when they looked at each other in the eyes.

She always licked her lips and her eyes turned dreamy-like she was imagining him fucking her. It wasn't hard for Jake to see Jennifer's changes.

When he turned her down yesterday when she came to him for the kiss they would normally have, Jake could see sadness and anxiousness in her eyes.

Naturally Jake wanted to kiss her deeply but he realized that Jennifer needed it badly and by taking it away from her she would fall even sooner.

And the alternative in getting a sweet blowjob from Stefanie wasn't so bad either.After the class finished students began to leave the room. It was now time for the big break so they all headed to the cafeteria.

Stefanie guessed like usual Jake would take her to the boy's toilet and have her give him a blowjob there, but he didn't.

"Go eat with your friends, can't have them get too suspicious now, can we? You can enjoy my dick after school," Jake said to Stefanie making sure nobody else heard it as well.

Stefanie nodded and followed his thinking, but she blushed a bit when she heard him say the last part. But she didn't get shy, she already started to look forward to having that tasty dick in her mouth once more.

Stefanie left the classroom as well with her friends and only Jake remained together with Jennifer.Jennifer was already grinding her legs together and seeing Jake closed the door before he walked towards her she got extremely excited. Just from knowing

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