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Jake along with the three women headed into the kitchen and together they ate breakfast.

Jack relaxedly ate his meal as he looked at the three beauties. Naturally, they were still fully undressed and their breasts moved nicely with every movement they made.

Just after finishing his food, he heard the doorbell ring.

Jake smiled as he said: "All right it's time to start."

He then headed to the front door and opened the door. As he was still naked as well he made sure no-one from outside was able to see it.

After the door was opened Stefanie quickly got inside and Jake closed the door behind her. She was wearing a cute dress, which made her look all the more beautiful.

Naturally, the dress would be taken off almost immediately.

"H-hi master," Stefanie said with a shy face, knowing what kinds of things she would do hereafter, especially seeing his dick was already out.

Jake smiled as he looked at her cute face, he then lifted her chin with his fingers and kissed her deeply.

Stefanie feeling Jake's lips pressing on top of hers gladly accepted it and kissed him back as well.

Meanwhile, Jake's hands had already found their way to Stefanie's small tight butt and groped it nicely.

After kissing her for a bit Jake broke off the kiss and said to her: "All right take off that dress and let's go into the kitchen, there's someone I want you to meet."

Stefanie immediately took off her dress and as she wore nothing underneath she was immediately naked.

Jake chuckled seeing she still wore no underwear.

"Seems like going commando is becoming more and more normal for you."

Stefanie pouted and kept quiet, knowing that she actually started to like the feeling of not wearing any underwear under her clothes, especially as she knew it turned Jake on, which was all she wanted. Still, she didn't know when Jake would finally let her wear some underwear again.

Jake along with Stefanie then moved towards the kitchen.

When Stefanie entered the room all three women looked at her, which caused Stefanie to lock eyes with Jennifer.

"M-m-ms. Harper?!" Stefanie yelled out in surprise.

She never expected her usually so serious and strict teacher was here eating breakfast, completely nude.

Seeing those big tits usually packed away, move so freely Stefanie got even more jealous of her.

Jake stood beside Stefanie as he said: "It's not Ms. Harper anymore in private, you can call her sister slave Jennifer."

Stefanie looked at Jake with a dumbfounded gaze. Never had she thought this guy was capable of conquering a woman like Jennifer, but nothing was less true.

After all, the woman in question was here naked and it was easy to guess she had already been pounded a lot by his amazing dick.

Jennifer was blushing red fiercely as well as she had been seen by yet another one of her students. She couldn't bring herself to say something as she was very embarrassed.

She was supposed to guide the youngsters into a good life, instead, she had happily become the slave of one, now living to satisfy him. And from now on some of her students would look at her lewd actions, as Jake would do whatever he wanted with her.

Jake looking at the embarrassed Jennifer and he said: "All right everyone of you finished eating breakfast?"

"Yes master," the three of them replied in unison.

"Great then line up in front of me," Jake then got a fun idea as he smiled and said: "By breast size."

Naturally, it was quickly decided with Julia at the front, followed by Jennifer, Kayla, and lastly Stefanie.

Julia had a smug smile on her face as she pressed her chest out, even more, showing the other slaves they didn't even come close.

At the same time, Stefanie was embarrassed as she looked down on her own two small bumps and then to her right where three women stood each with bigger and bigger tits. After all, even if Kayla was the third-biggest, she still was way bigger than she.

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