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It didn't take long for Jessica to reach the end of the 5 kilometers and she only needed to run a half lap, before she would finish it.

Nobody was able to keep up with her causing her to feel proud of herself. Making the embarrassment she faced last week against Jake fade away from her mind.

Because not a lot of distance was left she tried looking behind her to see just how much that guy who annoyed her so much had lagged behind.

Yet once she turned her head around to look behind her while still running, her face thwarted into one with shock.

Cause what she saw the same smiling face staring back right at her. Jessica couldn't believe it. Had she passed him without knowing and was now one lap in front of him? She didn't understand how he was at her tail once more.

When she saw him lagging behind she thought he had given up and couldn't keep up with her anymore. Still, she had kept running at a great pace causing her to be quite tired right now. She was breathing raggedly and her heart was pounding like crazy.

Yet when she saw his expression which didn't show a hint of fatigue her world came crashing down. She realized this guy hadn't expended that much stamina and was only lagging behind her to make fun of her.

Still, Jessica continued to run and she did finish the 5 kilometers as first, with Jake right behind her. But she didn't feel as if she had won at all. She was more devastated about losing than she was last week because last week he had at least done his best as well.

Right now though it looked like he was only toying with her, giving her false hope only to have it crash down on her.

He didn't see her as his competition at all, but then again she didn't realize why he would run behind her so much if he could easily pass her and win the race.

But while catching her breath to recover from the run, she thought about it some more until a red blush came across her face.

She realized Jake had run right behind her most of the race and she realized what he had sight of most of the time.

Jessica didn't care about any boy looking at her with lewd thoughts. It only made her feel more proud of herself and her body, but when she thought about Jake's eyes continuously focusing on her swaying ass, she couldn't help but blush.

Looking at Jake who didn't seem tired at all her face constricted in one of anger and embarrassment as she walked to Jake.

Jake seeing the beauty walking over to him, with a frown on her face knew he was in for some trouble.

He put on a sweet smile as he said: "Congratulations coming in first."

Jessica angrily replied: "Don't fuck with me and don't think I don't know what you did. I'll make sure to beat you next time."

Jake realized she had probably figured out he had a great time looking at her ass the entire time.

"I'm sorry, but your ass is just too amazing to look away from. I couldn't help myself. I promise to not do it again."

Hearing Jake confess so

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