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acpven > The hypnotizer > 83 Julia's first time anal sex
Julia was still very much in heat as she had just experienced an amazing orgasm, so hearing Jake's command she immediately stuck out her big butt, having it press against Jake.

The fear of anal sex was gone and pleasure fully captivated her mind.

Jake from behind her spooned her nicely, as he grabbed a tit with his right hand, kneading it nicely as he did always while playing with her amazing breasts. He simply couldn't get tired from playing with them.

He then started kissing her nape, getting Julia only more and more excited for what was about to happen.

He didn't wait around long though as he himself was now really raring to go, wanting to finally make this woman fully his, as all of her holes would now be his to play with.

After pulling out the plug which was still barring his way forward, he pressed the head of his dick against the tight entrance of her asshole. Everything was already lubed up and ready to go.

Jake then softly whispered in Julia's ear: "try to relax as much as possible and enjoy."

Julia gulped as it was finally time, but she didn't shrink back at all, wanting to give her entire body to Jake.

Jake then put some force behind his dick as he finally entered the tight asshole of Julia, entering it deeper and deeper as there was nothing to push him back.

"Eeeehhh!" Julia moaned loudly as she felt something big enter her ass, yet surprisingly to her it didn't hurt at all, in fact, it actually felt good.

Jake smiled as he could hear the pleasure in Julia's moan, signaling she was enjoying it rather than experiencing pain.

If he would have noticed Julia was hurting he would pull back immediately, but he was very happy this wasn't the case.

While he enjoyed having complete control over his women and thus having them live as his slaves. He didn't want to hurt the slaves he loved.

Naturally, if slaves were disobedient or he enslaved women he didn't like he wouldn't be so nice to them. He actually thought he would get turned on by playing a bit rougher with some women, but women he loved like Julia and the other three wouldn't be treated too roughly. He would make sure to have them be happy while serving him.

Jake continued to press his dick deeper and deeper down Julia's rectum and in turn, Julia moaned louder and louder.

She never expected it to actually feel good. Feeling something so big make its way deep inside her felt good for her. Part of it was due to Jake toying with her butt a lot these past few weeks, but the other part was simply that Julia liked it. She was a woman turned on by anal stuff.

Jake kept groping her breasts as he made his way fully inside her butt with his dick, after which he said to Julia: "How is it?"

Julia turned her head to look at Jake and with an intoxicated expression on her face she said to him: "It's amazing master, please do me more and harder!"

Jake smiled hearing Julia was very much enjoying it and naturally he started moving

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