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After the hot kissing session Jake had with Jennifer, nothing more happened. He continued his days, playing with Stefanie at school, who had to come not wearing underway until Friday.

Every day Jake and Stefanie played with each other lots, he fingered her a lot and in return, Stefanie gave him a blowjob. He really enjoyed playing with her cute body and every day they did something lewd, Stefanie got less and less shy about it and enjoyed it more and more.

Naturally, Stefanie wasn't the only woman Jake had his fun with. At home, his two beautiful slaves kept serving him very well and Julia ass was ripe for the taking. Jake had toyed around enough with it and he had told Julia that this weekend she would lose her anal virginity.

Naturally, this caused her to get a bit nervous, yet she was also looking forward to it. As Jake kept playing with her ass she had gotten to enjoy it a lot and now feeling the butt plug constantly in her ass didn't even feel weird anymore. Hell, if she didn't have a plug in her ass was what felt weird to her now.

Naturally at school, Jake had two more kissing sessions with Jennifer, and today on Friday he would enjoy that sweet mouth of hers once again.

The entire English lesson he could see Jennifer looking at him, but now it wasn't with lust like it usually was Jake could feel there was something else in her look, but he couldn't really understand what it was.

Like usual after the class ended every student immediately left, leaving behind only Jennifer and Jake.

Jennifer was fidgeting with her hands as Jake approached her. Naturally, she was looking forward to the kiss, but there was something else she needed to ask of him first.

"Before we kiss can I ask you something," Jennifer said to Jake.

"Of course."

"T-then tonight how about you come to have dinner at my house?"

Jake smiled inside his mind as he could guess where it was going. He gave her sexy body a good look as he said to Jennifer: "Of course, I quite enjoyed the previous time."

Jennifer smiled and was happy he agreed to her request. She gulped and her heart started pounding faster as she thought about what she planned in the evening.

Jake moved closer to Jennifer and put his hand on her neck as he said: "Now, let's enjoy ourselves."

After which Jake and Jennifer passionately kissed once more, causing Jennifer to feel amazing once more and it only made her feel better about what she wanted tonight.

After it ended, Jake left the room leaving behind Jennifer who was looking forward to tonight very much.

After that, Jake could only think of what would happen tonight and he didn't do anything else. He even refrained from playing with Stefanie for the rest of the day as he wanted to spare everything for his teacher.

This was too great disappointment of Stefanie. After four days of constantly doing lewd stuff together, Jake suddenly didn't want to do anything on Friday, which annoyed her a bit. Mostly because this meant her body would go unsatisfied.

Still, she would go to his house tomorrow on Saturday where she hoped something special would happen, so she thought Jake wanted to charge himself up for tomorrow. Realizing this she didn't give him a hard time about it.

Still, when she thought about the stuff they would do her cheeks blushed red and she got nervous yet excited for it.

Hours passed by and it wasn't before long Jake stood in front of a door once more.

*Ding Dong*

Jake rang the bell and waited for Jennifer to appear. Even though he was a bit surprised when Jennifer asked him to once again come over for dinner, he realized the lust accumulating in her body had become too much for her to handle.

So she made the decision that this night Friday night she would ask Jake for sex.

Not long after Jake rang the doorbell the door was opened and Jennifer appeared behind it. Her face immediately blushed red as she gulped, realizing what her plan was for

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