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Jake's dick entered Stefanie's small tight pussy. But it didn't hurt Stefanie at all, instead, she moaned out loud, feeling Jake's dick go deep inside her vagina.

It was only a very short while ago when she was still a virgin clueless to the pleasures of sex. Yet now she was being reformed by Jake into a girl who loved sex.

At her first experience, she felt a bit of pain, followed by amazing pleasure. Now Stefanie only felt insanely good. Feeling Jake's big dick ravage her insides, made her moan out loud continuously.

Jake too enjoyed himself a great deal. It was no surprise this girl had the tightest pussy of them all, still, he entered her as deeply as he could, which felt amazing.

At first, Jake moved slowly but he soon saw Stefanie wasn't experiencing any difficulties from her recent virgin loss, instead, she was moving her own body as well to make him enter her deeper. It seemed like she was ready for some harder sex.

Jake smiled and began to truly rock his hips back and forth. Stefanie did want Jake to go faster but was too embarrassed to ask. When he began moving faster she quickly lost control over herself and was now at the mercy of her master.

Feeling his dick slam against her womb every time, while he went in and out of her, felt so good she could only keep her legs spread while moaning cutely.

Meanwhile, Julia was pouting once again. First, she had to look at her master doing it with his teacher and now she was once again looking at him fucking his classmate. She wanted her own pussy to be done as well, but Jake would first do the other slaves.

Looking at the cute girl's face a slightly evil grin got on her face. If she would pass out from feeling too much pleasure wasn't there only her left that he could fuck.

So while licking her lips she went to Stefanie's upper body, taking both nipples between her fingers.

Stefanie's eyes looked at Julia as she said: "E-eh, Mrs. Davis?"

Julia chuckled as she kept playing with this small chest, along with the cute nipples on top.

"You don't have to be so courteous, after all, I'm your slave sister. So you can call me Julia."

While Julia softly said this her mouth got closer and closer to Stefanie's. Still, Stefanie couldn't keep her mind clear, after all her pussy was being slammed by a big dick.

"J-Julia, what ar-." Before Stefanie could even finish her sentence Julia had pressed her lips on top of hers.

Stefanie knew Julia had just made out with Jennifer, so seeing her come so close to her she guessed what would happen next, but still feeling the lips of a mature woman on her own surprised her a lot.

Until now Jake was the only one who she had kissed with. Now though a mature housewife was added to that list.

Due to Jake's dick messing her up, while Julia skillfully played with her small breasts, Stefanie couldn't think clearly and just started to enjoy the forceful kiss.

Feeling Julia's experienced tongue inside her mouth

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