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Stefanie turned around and looked at the person who talked to her already knowing who it was.

Jake too looked at the one who spoke and a small smile appeared on his face as he inspected the body.

Long sexy legs, not hidden away due to her school skirt, a small waist, big bust rivaling Kayla's. Followed by a beautiful face complemented by her long silky smooth black hair.

Her face had some similarities with Stefanie's, as it was her bigger sister. The biggest difference between the two sisters wasn't hard to figure out, looking at the difference in bust size.

"H-hi sis," Stefanie said with a soft voice being a bit nervous knowing her sister was a serious person.

"It's President at school, don't forget your manners," Siera said. After all, she was the President of the student council and wanted the students to respect her, even if it was her lovely little sister.

"Sorry President, this is Jake my b-boyfriend," Stefanie said still a bit nervous.

Hearing her younger sister introduce the guy standing next to her as her boyfriend, Siera began to eye him up.

She looked at him with beautiful serious eyes, making Jake a bit uncomfortable. Still, he was happy to be looked at by a beauty.

Siera recognized this guy as the one she met in the mall a few weeks ago. Then it seemed Stefanie didn't like him very much, but knowing her sister's personality she was probably just acting like that.

Still, it seemed her sister had a somewhat good eye as Jake looked handsome having some muscles on his body. She didn't know anything else about him but would make sure to find out soon enough. After all, she wouldn't just let anyone become her sister's boyfriend.

"Ah, boyfriend huh? My cute little sister is sure growing up. If you say he's your boyfriend why hasn't he come to our house yet, how about you bring him over to dinner tonight, I'll let mom and dad know about it."

Stefanie couldn't even go in between her older sister as she had made sure Jake would come to her house tonight. She looked at Jake with an apologetic gaze, after all, Jake was her master so if didn't want to come she couldn't make him. But she knew her sister as well, if she said so it would be so.

Luckily for Stefanie Jake smiled as he said: "Thank you for inviting me, President. I'll be sure to come to see my cute girlfriend's house and meet her parents."

Siera kept eyeing Jake as she heard his reply. She looked at Stefanie acting all nervous and cute and saw she really seemed to like him, so she would give Jake a chance.

"Very well then I'll see you tonight, Stefanie will let you know the address. Oh and please don't act all lovey-dovey like just now, you're distracting other students," Siera said before turning away to go towards her own classroom.

While Stefanie blushed being reprimanded by her sister for kissing Jake in the hallway, Jake was looking at something else.

Looking at Siera's backside as she walked away from them Jake enjoyed himself a lot. Her perky ass wasn't hidden by her skirt at all, as she swayed her hips from side to side. He would definitely make sure to make this beautiful and serious student council president into his loving sex slave.

Then grabbing the small hand of Stefanie he said: "Let's go to the classroom as well, otherwise the teacher will get angry if we are too late."

Stefanie kept blushing while walking hand in hand through the hallway, not giving her older sister any face by still acting like a couple.

She chuckled as well knowing the next class was homeroom. And there was no way the teacher would get angry at Jake after all his semen had thoroughly been soaking her womb the day before.

Jake along with Stefanie walked through the school, causing guys to get jealous at Jake for taking away one of the most beautiful first-year students, while the girls got jealous at Stefanie for taking away one of the most handsome first years.

Naturally Jake nor Stefanie car

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