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Jake then left the bathroom, leaving behind Kayla, who knew that tonight Jake would definitely do lots of lewd stuff to her once more.

Thinking about what she and Jake had done already she flushed red once more. He had fingered her, played with her breasts and ass, he had kissed her and she had even given him a blowjob before swallowing his semen.

The things they did got lewder and lewder very fast and she knew that it wouldn't be long before she would moan as Jake pushed his dick in and out of her.

Getting even more embarrassed from the fact that she imagined Jake pounding her hard Kayla tried to get rid of the image before she would get into heat once more. She didn't know why lately she had become so much of a pervert.

But even if she didn't know why she wasn't particularly against it. Now that Jake did all those lewd things to her body she felt happier than ever and she hoped Jake would never stop.

Kayla then too left the bathroom and got ready for breakfast.

Jake upon entering the kitchen found Julia already finished preparing breakfast and after Kayla arrived they ate together.

Kayla and Julia didn't dare to look at each other in the eyes as they both knew what happened yesterday. Kayla had seen her mother at her lewdest moment when Jake was fiercely thrusting his dick inside her.

Julia too was way too embarrassed to say something to Kayla as she had been seen by Kayla looking like a very slutty moment.

Jake though just enjoyed this weird atmosphere and ate breakfast. After they all finished breakfast Kayla left the house, saying she was going out with some friends.

Jake knew that she was too embarrassed about all the things that had happened since last night. Still, it was good for him that she left for now as the moment arrived he had been looking forward to for a long time.

Julia's anal training would start now. And Jake very much liked that.

Julia cleaned up after breakfast. In the meantime Jake prepared everything. The toys and other sex stuff had arrived this morning and Julia had accepted the package not knowing what was in it.

Jake saw all kinds of anal toys, from butt plugs to anal beads. Some small ones and some amazingly huge ones.

He also had ordered lots of lube as he didn't want to hurt Julia with it. Naturally, it would be very uncomfortable for her at first, but once she would get used to it Jake knew that she would turn into an anal loving slave.

Jake then went back down and said to Julia: "It's time for me to give you your reward, let's go upstairs."

Julia happily smiled knowing her master would reward her for her being a good slave, so she followed him upstairs.

Jake went into Julia's room and she entered immediately afterward. But when she saw all the lube and sex toys meant for anal insertion Julia knew what was going to happen now, still, she asked Jake: "M-master, w-what are we going to do?"

Jake smiled slapped that meaty butt of hers and said:

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