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The next day Jake woke, feeling the incredible bodies of Kayla and Julia pressed against him, both resting their heads on his chest. His hands hadn't left the comfortable feeling of their asses all night long.

He smiled widely looking at the cute sleeping faces of both Julia and Kayla. He had really done it. These two now served him and would do so for a long time to come. And the best parts even though he had hypnotized them, he had never made their actual personality change with it.

Just making these two slaves to lust they gradually turned into a slut wanting Jake's dick at all cost. But even though he had two beautiful slaves to serve him all day long it wasn't enough for Jake.

He wanted more. Soon school would start and naturally, at it, he would find many beautiful schoolgirls. But that wasn't all.

Kayla had already gone to the school for a year and she had told him that not only beautiful students were present. Teachers with an amazing body and beautiful face were there as well.

Jake imagining turning a woman who's life goal was to teach and guide youngsters and turn her into an obedient cum dump, what would be better than that. Having a very immoral relationship between teacher and student. Jake licked his lips at the sight of a beautiful teacher moaning as his dick ravaged her pussy.

Just from the thought of it, his dick started to get erect once more. Even though it was used without rest these past few days it didn't show any sign of weakness at all.

Usually, he had to take care of his morning wood by himself, but that wasn't the case anymore, as he could already see two beauties eyeing his erect dick with greedy eyes.

Kayla and Julia had woken up and when they saw Jake's erect dick their pussies, which had been dominated the day before started to get soaked once more.

Kayla was the one that left his side and took his dick inside her mouth, while Julia pressed her juicy lips on top of Jake's for a smoochy morning kiss.

Jake enjoyed both women's lips on his dick and mouth as he greedily sucked on Julia's lips. Meanwhile, Kayla was fiercely slamming the dick deeper down her mouth.

She even succeeded to get it in her throat for a bit, but she still wasn't very accustomed to it, so she couldn't bear it for long. Still, there was a lot of progression in her fellatio technique and Jake would make sure he would train her into a fine deep-throater.

It didn't take long after for Jake to cum as he released everything inside her mouth which Kayla happily swallowed.

After finishing his orgasm into his mouth without saying anything Kayla with a full mouth of semen went to her mother and poured some into her mouth as well. Julia naturally happily accepted it.

Seeing the changes in the two after just one day of threesomes Jake smiled. Yesterday both were extremely embarrassed about the fact that they had to kiss.

Yet now Kayla and Julia were happily coiling their tongues around each other as semen was exchanged between their mouths.

After they finished drinking the semen, the three of them got out of bed and Jake went on a run before returning and enjoying a threesome in the shower.

After doing them both in the shower they used their bodies to clean Jake's and after they finished Julia went to prepare breakfast, which didn't take long.

Both now wore normal clothes as they would leave for the mall immediately after breakfast. They would go and shop the whole day, for all kinds of things. Lewd and sexy underwear, lewd swimsuits, hot normal clothes, and much more lewd stuff.

Luckily money was of no concern to them and they could buy as many clothes as they wanted without making much of a dent in the bank account. And Jake knew too that with his powers, making money was as easy as sleeping in the night.

There was only one condition for the two women. The clothes had to be as lewd as possible. If they would wear underwear not suiting Jake's tastes there wo

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