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Monday morning Jake woke up first. Julia and Kayla still sleeping in his embrace. The summer break was over and school would start once more.

He is now in his first year of high school. Still not much would change as the school building he would go to now was located directly next to the one he went for the last three years.

There were in total three years of high school. He was in the first one and Kayla in the second one. After three years he would be 18 and after graduating he would go to university, but that was still quite some time ahead for now.

Jake was very much looking forward to going to school. Not because he liked to learn things or hang out with friends. He already knew most of the stuff he would learn in his first year and learning the second and third-year school stuff wouldn't be hard for him at all as well. He also didn't have any friends and he was perfectly fine with that.

No, what he was looking for was seeing all kinds of beautiful girls. Their age varied from 16 to 18, there would be all kinds of beauties there. Naturally Jake aimed to conquer lots of 'm and have them nicely serve his dick.

But there wouldn't be only cute schoolgirls he aimed for. The ones that excited him even more so would be the staff that worked at the school. Even just thinking about enslaving a beautiful teacher and doing her all night got his dick fully erect.

High school was a place for him to conquer all kinds of beauties. That's why he couldn't wait for the day to begin.

It wasn't long after Jake woke up that both his slaves did as well. Naturally, they both greeted him with a deep morning kiss, after which both of them received a nice hot load of semen in their wombs.

Jake and Kayla then went to take a shower together, where Kayla did her best to clean Jake using her breasts as sponges. Especially his dick was cleaned thoroughly by them, and Jake feeling those soft elastic tits of Jake squishing his dick felt extremely good.

In the meantime, Julia had prepared breakfast for them and made their lunches which they would bring to school with them. Naturally, this was done with only an apron on. Every time Julia needed to prepare any kind of food, the naked apron was her clothing. This was a rule set by Jake and there was no way for Julia to go around it.

The first time she felt a bit embarrassed as her breasts were visible from the sides and her ass wasn't covered at all, but after doing it a few times she got used to it and she learned Jake always got extremely horny seeing her like that and she was always rewarded with an amazing sex session.

Jake put on his school uniform which consisted of black pants and a white blouse. It wasn't anything special and he didn't really care about it either.

Then he went downstairs and quickly ate his breakfast. Not long after Kayla also came down wearing the same school uniform, the only difference was that she didn't wear pants but a skirt instead.

Still Jake enjoyed looking at his beautiful adoptive sister and he needed to restrain himself as his dick started rising up.

Kayla's big tits were pushing out very much and the pressure on the blouse's buttons was clearly visible. Her beautiful long legs were completely visible as well.

Jake stood up and walked to her. At the same time, Kayla twirled around, showing off her hot body packed in the school uniform to her master.

\"Master, likes it?\" She asked coquettishly.

Jake smiled and kissed her deeply as his hand went under his skirt and panties, inserting a finger in her pussy.

\"He likes it very much.\"

He then grabbed a tit over her blouse and said: \"let's see if this blouse will be able to contain these puppies.\"

Kayla got a bit red as she sighed.

\"It seems like they grew, even more, this summer. It's because master played with them a lot.\"

Jake grinned and said: \"if that's the case they'll keep growing a lot this year.\"

Kayla embarrassed lo

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