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Jake quickly arrived home after leaving the gym. Inside two beautiful women greeted him, both wearing some sexy underwear. Jake smiled seeing Julia and Kayla dressed exactly how he wanted them to.

He sat down on the couch and Kayla immediately knelt down in front of him servicing his dick with her mouth. At the same time, Julia pressed her breasts against Jake as he started to make out with Jake.

She tried to kiss Jake nice and deep, sucking on his lips at their tongues played with each other. When she heard Jake had fucked Kayla in the male's she got extremely jealous of Kayla. So naturally, she tried to please Jake as much as possible now to get him to fuck her hard.

Jake felt Julia trying hard and just enjoyed himself. Currently, he could only satisfy himself using Kayla at school and naturally Julia would be home alone all day. That's why he would make sure to give her a good pounding every evening.

He used both hands to grope Julia's ass and breasts as they kept french kissing deeply. Meanwhile, Kayla had already taken his dick deep down her mouth and was sucking on it ferociously.

After having fun with the two women like this for a bit he broke off the kiss and had Kayla take the dick out her mouth. He then made Julia get on top of him and have her sit down on top of him, causing his dick to smoothly enter her sweet pussy.

Julia immediately felt amazing as she pressed her breasts against Jake's chest and resumed the kiss. Jake grabbed both ass cheeks and helped Julia move up and down as they kissed nicely.

On the side, Kayla was pouting because she was left alone, but then seeing Julia's butt plug a grin appeared on her face. She was jealous that her mother was hogging all of Jake so she took hold of the butt plug and started to slowly move it in and out of her.

\"Eehhhh!\" Julia moaned out inside Jake's mouth. She felt her ass being toyed with at the same time as Jake's dick was ravaging her pussy.

Jake naturally knew what was going on and just continued doing what he was doing. His dick kept pumping inside her pussy as Kayla made sure to play lots with the butt plug in her ass.

Julia felt pleasure coming from everywhere. Her pussy which was being fucked, her ass which was being toyed with through the butt plug and her mouth which was deep kissing with Jake.

She couldn't handle all the pleasure and she started to have multiple minor orgasms. Jake feeling Julia's pussy walls constricting tightly around his dick felt amazing as well and it didn't take long for him to cum as well.

He released everything he had deep inside Julia's womb who in return moaned out loudly as she experienced a huge orgasm.

Feeling Jake's hot semen paint her womb white just felt too good for her and she came like crazy. Kayla didn't stop playing with the butt plug though as revenge for Julia hogging Jake and this made Julia go crazy as her ass kept being toyed with as her womb was being filled up.

After both

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