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His team kicked off and unlike previously in the girls game where they all chased the ball, the boys spread out and tried to take advantage of the entire field.

They tried to pass the ball around, but it didn't take long for one to slip up and to lose possession of it. This happened for a bit, yet Jake had still to come in the vicinity of the ball, so he got a bit bored.

Then suddenly the opposing team send a long pass to his team's side of the field. It was meant to just be a clearing, but the opposite team got lucky and the ball didn't go out and went over the right back's head.

The left-winger of the opponent was faster than their right back and seemed to reach the ball earlier. From then on he would have a lot of space to head for the goal.

He could already see it as he ran towards the ball. He visioned himself picking up the stray ball walking towards the penalty box and scoring the first goal for their team.

Yet before he was even in reach of the ball he could see someone wearing the opponents uniform pick up the ball and pass it casually towards their keeper, with great accuracy.

Every one of both teams looked at Jake in surprise as none had thought Jake would be fast enough to pick up that ball. Some had gone to the same middle school as him, so they knew he wasn't that athletic.

Even Jake himself was quite surprised. Not only by the sprint he just took easily reaching the ball before anyone else, but mostly because he knew exactly what would happen.

In his head, he calculated the position where he could pick up the ball and where his opponents would be.

He realized this was all because of his brain being used better than it did before. It wasn't hard for him to calculate where the ball would be and if he could reach it before the opponent would.

Even though everyone was surprised the game was still in play so they quickly cleared their head and resumed playing. Yet time after time they were astonished by Jake.

After a bit of playing it was very clear the other class was way better than Jake's. Still, the score was 0-0. And that was all because of a single player.

Jake had thwarted their offense again and again. Every long ball was easily picked up by him as even though the wingers were far faster than their backs, Jake was even faster than them and always seemed to appear right where he needed to.

He was never one step too late and always easily reached the optimal position to pick up the ball and pass it towards a free player.

If a player tried to dribble past him, they would always lose the ball. Not only was Jake's body stronger than the forwards, but he also always seemed to luck out and know how the forwards would try to pass him.

No matter what kind of feign they tried Jake always intercepted the ball and passed it towards a teammate. Only because his team just wasn't that good, they could never capitalize on Jake's amazing defense.

At first, Jake was surprised by his performance as well, but naturally, he knew what was the reason for this. His brain was way stronger than anyone else's right now and because he had been working out for quite a bit now, his body was very strong as well.

He didn't understand why but because of his stronger brain, his body seemed to grow stronger at a rate much faster than usual. That was the reason he was getting much stronger in a very short amount of time.

Not just the two teams had picked up on Jake's amazing defensive skills, but their spectators in the girls from their classes as well as their gym teacher in Mr. Wright had seen it as well.

At first, the girls were only chatting with each other, not caring much about the game the boys played, but once a girl pointed out Jake was not only playing very well but looked kind of handsome too, the girls paid some more attention.

They saw that Jake was amazing. Jake was quite tall as he was a bit over 1,80 meters. He had short blonde hair with some gel i

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