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After Jake enjoyed his hot session with Kayla inside a male's toilet stall classes would once again start.

But unlike the first class of the day where he made two new targets to enslave, nothing happened for the rest of the day.

It was only teachers explaining stuff from their respective classes and because Jake already understood everything from the first year it was a bit boring.

School finished at three and the students left the school building in masses. Some stayed behind for club activities. Jake too left the building but he didn't head home.

Instead, he made way for the gym. Today was the first day of his training session with Diana and he couldn't wait for it. If a good opportunity would arise he would try and hypnotize her in order to make his life at the gym more fun.

He too was looking forward to actually start his training session. He didn't need to get ripped or anything like that, but he definitely wanted to become strong. Strong enough that no-one would be able to think about touching his women. They were his and his alone.

Luckily for him, the gym was located somewhere in between his house and the school so he wouldn't need to walk out of the way a lot.

After walking a bit he reached it not long after and walked inside. He had already gotten a membership card and using it he went through the turnstile. He went into a dressing room and changed into sportswear he had taken with him.

After finishing changing into the sportswear he went to the same area he met Diana for the first time. Arriving there he could see Diana was already waiting for him.

Upon seeing Jake, Diana walked towards him and Jake once again enjoyed looking at the light brown-haired beauty. She was once again dressed in tight pants and a sports bra. This only made her look even hotter and Jake needed to restrain his dick before it would go erect.

Diana arrived in front of him and smiled lightly. The first time they had met she had taken a liking to him and she already considered Jake her friend.

\"Come with me, before we start your session we need to take care of a few things.\"

Jake nodded and followed behind Diana, taking glances at that tight ass of hers, fully visible through her tight pants.

Diana didn't walk to the place where all the equipment was, instead they went someplace else and Jake followed Diana inside an office.

Diana took place behind a desk with a computer on top of it. Jake sat down opposite of her.

Inside Jake was smiling as this couldn't be better. No-one would bother them here so Jake naturally would use this place to hypnotize Diana.

Diana then talked for a bit about things like the payment and the dates of their weekly sessions. Jake seriously answered her questions and it didn't take long for them to finish.

Once Jake saw Diana was almost done he grinned softly and said: \"Diana?\"

\"Hmmm?\" Diana looked at him but instead of being asked a question her mind went dark and eyes went lifeless as she lost strength in her body. But Diana was unaware of this all.

Jake smiled as he looked at the powerless body of Diana and her lifeless eyes. He had succeeded in hypnotizing her and Diana was currently in a trance state.

Jake felt some exhaustion in his body but unlike the times he hypnotized Julia and Kayla this was nothing and he didn't have trouble at all.

He knew it would be better as he had hypnotized both Kayla and Julia too some bit ago. He had changed the hypnotic suggestions placed in their minds for the first time.

Naturally, both women still felt attraction and lust towards him, but things like Julia would get extremely horny at 11 pm was erased. Both women were already his so he didn't need things like that as well.

He also placed some fail-safes in their minds ensuring they wouldn't tell anybody about their special relationship as well as that he was the only human being capable of pleasing them. Even if they would see an

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