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After Jake left the classroom he was ecstatic about how easy that went. Only last Saturday he had implemented the hypnotic suggestions inside her mind, yet already she was masturbating inside the classroom.

Even he didn't expect Jennifer changing so fast, not that he had any trouble with it. He just enjoyed a deep french kiss with his beautiful teacher. Which student wouldn't be okay with that?

He had hoped Jennifer would do something embarrassing after everyone left the classroom, so he decided to look at it, but as soon after everyone left, she took off her clothes and started to masturbate.

So naturally Jake couldn't let an opportunity like that slip by, so a plan quickly formed in his mind. And even though he blackmailed her in kissing him, she definitely enjoyed it and soon she would be begging for his dick as well.

He thought it was fun blackmailing a teacher as he had read about it in quite some erotic novels and he knew with the video he had recorded, having her spread her legs would be fairly easy, but Jake didn't want that.

He could have her spread her legs easily with his hypnosis, but he wanted Jennifer to spread her legs by herself without being forced to do it. Even though he still used his hypnosis to make it happen, in the end, it would still be Jennifer herself to do it. All because she was corrupted by the pleasure.

Jake knew that it didn't take long for Jennifer to start masturbating in the classroom, so he fathomed it wouldn't take long either for the pleasure in her body to accumulate so much that she would beg him for sex.

So her realized it wouldn't be soon from now he would acquire his third slave, who would be the beautiful teacher he had at his school.

So smiling from that thought he made his way towards the next classroom, all the while looking forward to the next English class to once again share a deeply intimate kiss with his teacher.

Unlike the eventful session with Jennifer, the rest of the day passed by like usual. He did have another session with Diana, but she still had the ability to mostly conceive the hidden pleasure she felt.

But Jake already had a plan as to how to deal with the athletic beauty and for now, he would only enjoy looking at her amazing body, while reveling in the fact, that same body would drown in heat and passion every night while thinking of him.

At night after eating dinner he went to the bedroom along with Julia and Kayla, but unlike the previous times where the women would serve him together on the bed, he had something else planned.

He had ordered some bondage tools and together with Kayla he completely tied up Julia, who was getting a bit nervous as more and more of her limbs were restrained.

Her arms were tied behind her back and she couldn't move them a single bit. Her legs were then spread fully and tied as well so she wasn't able to move at all. She was on the bed, with her holes fully in view. Naturally, the butt plug still lodged inside her asshole.

Jake looked at his creation and smiled softly. Seeing the beautiful housewife all tied up, awakened some sort of hidden passion in him, as he looked at Julia's nervous expression.

He went in front of her and slowly fingered her pussy as he fondled her breasts, saying: "don't worry, I'll make sure you're gonna enjoy this lots."

Julia laughed wryly as she was still a bit scared, not being able to move at all, while all her secret places were left bare.

Jake then nodded and Kayla who was behind Julia covered her mother's eyes with a blindfold only increasing the nervousness in her mother, who now was both tied up and unable to see anything, but Jake wasn't done yet.

"Open your mouth fully please."

Julia didn't know what for but still obeyed. Even though she was nervous as she couldn't move and see she was still fully obedient as being disobedient wasn't an option for her.

So Julia opened her mouth and soon felt something like a ball was

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