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Inside Julia's room, Jake had already done both women a few times in their pussies and it was now time for the thing Jake had looked forward to. He had Julia get on all fours and stick her ass high up.

Julia immediately knew what Jake was planning to do and she gulped. Still, she didn't fail to obey Jake's orders and went into the position Jake wanted, raising her big butt up high so Jake could play with it as he wished.

Jake smiled as he pulled out the butt plug lodged inside her ass. The only times Julia was allowed to take it out was when she would really need to go to the toilet. And even then she had to ask for approval from Jake, which was incredibly embarrassing for her. Needing to ask Jake to go to the toilet, Julia always got deeply embarrassed by it.

Jake then handed the lube to Kayla as he said: \"Lube her up.\"

\"Eeh me?\"

Jake smiled and said: \"yes, you don't want it to hurt your mother do you?\"

\"N-no.\" Kayla then took the lube as she slowly started to put it around and especially inside Julia's ass.

Both women got red faces as Julia felt her daughter touch her asshole and Kayla needed to lube it up.

Naturally Jake fully enjoyed this spectacle from the side as he took out some anal beads, bigger and longer than the first ones. He lubed them up too and after he finished he looked up to see how Kayla was doing, which made him smile.

Her index finger was already going into uncharted territory and Julia let out the occasional moan feeling Kayla's finger dart inside her asshole.

\"Ready Kayla?\" Jake asked after a bit.

Kayla retracted her finger and nodded.

Jake smiled and went behind Julia. She couldn't see what was going to happen, but she knew it was coming and surely not long after she felt a cold ball pushed inside her ass. And then another and another until 6 of them were inserted deep inside her ass.

Feeling the balls move around inside Julia started to feel pleasure from it. Jake smiled seeing all the beads disappear in Julia's ass and after making her get used to it he slowly extracted them, which was met with soft moans.

Jake smiled and handed the beads to Kayla as he said: \"you continue, play with your mother's ass as you see fit.\"

Jake then lied down beneath Julia, and grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands, spreading them nicely making sure Kayla could play with Julia's as plenty.

Jake then looked at Julia and said: \"as for you, enjoy.\"

Jake then pushed his dick inside her pussy as he planted his lips on top of hers.

As Julia lied on top of Jake, she could feel pleasure coming from anywhere as Jake's dick slowly ground inside her vagina, her lips were being sucked greedily and anal beads were being put inside her ass.

Feeling both lower holes being penetrated Julia moaned nicely as Kayla inserted and then retracted the anal beads in Julia's ass.

Julia's lust only accumulated as both holes were used at the same time, which she couldn't handle at all. Feeling her pussy being fucked by a big burly dick as her daughter kept shoving those beads inside her ass.

She could only moan from the pleasure her body received.

Jake smiled seeing her lewd expression as he said to Kayla: \"now leave them inside. At my signal, you yank them out all at once.\"

Kayla did as Jake asked and the anal beads were lodged inside Julia. She too heard Jake's order and looked at Jake anxiously. \"M-master?\"

Jake smiled and said: \"don't worry you'll like it very much.\"

Julia naturally understood that if all six beads were yanked out at the same time, her ass wouldn't be able to handle it, but there was no way she could go against Jake so she could only bear with it.

In return, Jake started to pound her pussy harder and started to get close to an orgasm. Julia felt Jake speeding up and she knew it was coming close.

Preparing herself for the inevitable she clenched her pussy and asshole at the same time. This only made J

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