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Like usual the remainder of the Saturday and all of Sunday was spent having sex with his beautiful slaves.

Julia and Kayla kept servicing him. Naturally, it wasn't only Jake enjoying himself. By now both women loved having sex with Jake and they couldn't escape this anymore.

Feeling Jake's rod stirring their insides was the best feeling ever. Feeling his hands lewdly groping their breasts as well as their asses, couldn't give them more pleasure and feeling that greedy tongue of his dominate theirs made them go to heaven.

Becoming Jake's slaves was the best thing that ever happened to the both of them and they fully tried to use their entire bodies to pleasure Jake just to get him to fuck them some more.

They had fully become adjusted to being transformed from Jake's adoptive mother and sister into Jake's slaves. They lived to make his life as easy as possible and naturally to use their sexy bodies to please him.

At first, buying and wearing all kinds of sexy clothes and underwear was still embarrassing for both Julia as well as Kayla, but right now they were most comfortable when wearing clothes that would turn Jake on.

Only when they would leave the house they would have to wear normal wear, even though the underwear beneath their normal clothes was still as lewd as ever.

At school, Kayla looked the same to everyone, yet no-one would think that this incredible beauty, ranked in the top three across the entire school, was wearing some incredible spicy things underneath all for one man.

Many boys dreamed of being with Kayla, yet if they knew that in the male's toilet in the school, Kayla was sucking on Jake's dick, happily swallowing his semen, before having that same dick lodged inside her pussy, they would all get stunned.

Especially when they would see the happy and loving expression on her face. At the same time Jake knew, many boys dreamed of only one session with her. Just once indulging themselves in that amazing body of hers was enough, yet he knew that would remain a dream forever as that amazing body and heavenly pussy was only to be used by him.

Kayla was his and she would be for a long time to come, just like Julia.

Monday morning Jake woke up with both women at a side of him. Both rested their head on his chest and were all crawled up against him, their breasts nicely pushing against his body.

In Jake's hands two well-rounded asses were gripped firmly. It seemed like even when he was asleep he never let go of their bubbly butts.

Looking at the beautiful sleeping faces of both women Jake became ecstatic once again that both of them fully belonged to him.

The beautiful 37-year-old housewife and her sexy 17-year-old daughter sleeping in the same bed with him after they fucked almost all weekend. Which boy wouldn't become happy about this?

Giving their asses a few firm squeezes both women slowly started to wake up. Feeling their asses being groped both women immediately starte

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