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acpven > The hypnotizer > 31 Enslaving Kayla
Looking through her underwear she realized she didn't really own any kind of sexy underwear, so she put on the pair she found the hottest.

As for clothes she put on a white tank top, which didn't even cover her belly button. This accentuated her breasts very much and looking at it in the mirror, it looked very slutty. Still, she smiled as she knew Jake would love it

She then took a mini skirt out of her wardrobe and put it on. Seeing it only barely covered her butt she was happy with the choice.

Naturally, she would never put on this combination when she would go outside. The only reason she had this kind of slutty clothes was that they were clothes from years ago when she was smaller.

Looking at her big bust which was looking perfect in her white tank top she smiled. Kayla knew her breasts were big and now enjoyed having them as she knew Jake loved playing with them.

Kayla then sprinted off to the bathroom where she used make-up, to make her already beautiful face even hotter. She made sure Jake couldn't say no to her and after she finished she looked in the mirror and nodded to herself. No sane guy would reject her now.

Leaving the bathroom she went downstairs and found her mother had begun cooking dinner. She saw her mother acting so normal now even though she had been looking so slutty just before. Still, her face tinted red a bit, making it clear what she had done before.

\"Mom you know where Jake's at?\" Kayla asked her.

Julia without losing focus at preparing dinner said: \"probably in his room.\"

\"Thanks,\" Kayla then immediately went back upstairs towards Jake's room.

Julia sighed as she had seen Kayla's appearance with a glance. She knew Kayla too had now fallen prey to Jake and realized it wouldn't be long before she would serve Jake together with her.

Kayla immediately made for Jake's room as she knocked on his door.

\"Come in.\"

Hearing Jake's words Kayla opened the door and walked inside. When she will leave this room her life will have changed drastically. Still knowing that she closed the door behind her happily looking forward to what would happen from now on.

Jake was browsing on the internet on his computer as Kayla came inside. He had just finished having some steamy sex with Julia and naturally, he left the door slightly ajar to give Kayla a nice show.

When he looked at her and saw her current appearance he gulped hard, not believing how incredibly pretty she looked at the moment and he knew that his plan had definitely succeeded.

Seeing those perfect round breasts barely being contained by that white tank top Jake could barely restrain himself before he would pounce at her.

Seeing her flat belly and cute belly button, lust started to appear in his eyes. And naturally that amazing ass of her only hidden by a mini skirt. Kayla's appearance was just too unbearably hot at the moment.

It was silent in Jake's room for a bit as Kayla enjoyed seeing Jake look at her like that. She deliberately turned around slowly so he could see all of her sexy body.

\"Damn, looking sexy sis, you got a date tonight or what?\" Jake decided to tease her.

Kayla's smile vanished and she looked with fire in his eyes at Jake. Couldn't he catch a hint or what, but she immediately calmed down as she saw his smirk and knew he was just joking with her?

\"No silly, this is all for you.\" She said sexily, licking her lips.

Jake smiled as he stood up from the chair before walking towards her.

\"Oh, for me huh. Aren't you a naughty one. Dressing up all sexy for your little brother,\" Jake said before arriving in front of her.

Kayla smiled softly as she enjoyed him calling her sexy.

\"Hmpf, after the things you've done to my body, calling yourself my little brother is a little much no?\"

Jake put both hands at her lower back as they descended towards that sweet ass of her.

\"That's true, but then what should I call you?\"


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