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Jake and Stefanie continued their deep passionate kiss while Jake groped her small breasts. Comparing them towards the huge udders of Julia and the big tits of Kayla, these seemed minuscule.

Naturally, Julia and Kayla were definitely gifted in the chest department and Stefanie definitely was not, but he liked them either way. He truly didn't care about chest size. Naturally, he very much enjoyed playing with big ones, but nicely groping these small ones, felt good as well.

Stefanie was receiving more and more pleasure each second. Their kiss continued on and got lewder and lewder as she lost her embarrassment about it. At the same time, her small yet very sensitive breasts felt amazing as well, as Jake skillfully toyed around with them.

She was in bliss as the boy she liked for quite some time, was now giving her body unimaginable pleasure.

Then suddenly, Jake's hand left her breasts and slid over her stomach downwards. Feeling Jake's hand descend further and further, Stefanie's heart started to beat faster and faster as she realized its destination.

But her body just felt too good for her to refuse him, so while getting nervous about the fact what Jake's next move would be she didn't try to stop him at all.

Jake smiled inwards as his hand slid down further, soon arriving at the top of the pants she wore. As she wasn't in school uniform, Stefanie didn't wear a skirt.

Jake didn't stop there as he unbuttoned it and darted inside it. Even the panties weren't able to stop his greedy hand and Jake entered those as well, leaving nothing to shield Stefanie's pussy from him.

Stefanie got really nervous feeling Jake's hand inside her pants and her heart was pounding crazily. Still, she didn't stop him though and she was actually quite looking forward to this.

Jake used his finger to slowly slide over the entrance of her pussy. Naturally, her sensitive clit wasn't spared as he skillfully played around with it as well.

In return, Stefanie started to moan more and more as she lost control of herself. They had already broken off the kiss and Stefanie's hand covered her mouth as too not moan too loudly.

Jake moved a bit downwards as he started to suck on her nipples. All the while he slowly kept fingering her pussy entering it with one of his fingers.

"N-noo, don't suck on them," Stefanie begged.

But while she asked Jake not too, her body begged him to continue as he could feel her pussy getting wetter and her nipples got fully erect as his tongue licked all around it.

Continuing like this for a bit Jake kept playing with Stefanie's body while she kept moaning and soon after she felt her body coming close to a climax.

Naturally, she had already masturbated and orgasmed a few times, but she immediately realized this orgasm would be far better than any she had experienced before.

And when it came she opened her mouth and announced: "I'm cummiinnnggg!!!"

Jake smiled as he fingered her even faster while sucking on her cute nipple, causing Stefanie to shriek as her eyes rolled backward.


Stefanie's body convulsed due to the huge amount of pleasure coursing through it. Jake let go of her body and looked at the cumming Stefanie. Smiling as he looked at her lewd gaze while she climaxed he couldn't wait to continue with her.

Stefanie had fallen down backward on top of his bed and was now breathing raggedly due to her huge orgasm. Jake lied down beside her and started at her blushing face.

Stefanie seeing him stare at her so vigorously got embarrassed once more but had no energy to push him away.

"N-no, don't stare."

Jake smiled as he once again took hold of one of her breasts, completely cupping it in one of his hands, which he wasn't able to due with Julia and Kayla.

"But you look so cute, there's no way I can't look at a girl so beautiful as you, especially after you just climaxed so hard."

Stefanie blushed furiously after being complimen

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