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The rest of the school day went by normally. And after class ended at 3 PM, Jake went home to have some more fun with Julia and Kayla. He didn't go to the gym today. He had made a weekly schedule with always going Monday and Wednesday after school and Saturday at noon.

So like usual he enjoyed his evening fucking both women a lot and went to sleep soon after. At Wednesday school nothing serious happened and he just went with the flow. What he was looking forward to though was what would happen after school had ended.

He directly made his way from school towards the gym where after putting on his gym wear he met with Diana once more. When he met her he could see a small red tint on her cheeks.

Diana upon seeing Jake got a bit embarrassed and the fact was that during their session Monday her body had gotten in heat. Luckily it cooled down after he left and she could work like normal, but what truly embarrassed her was the fact that when she masturbated Monday in the evening, Jake's body floated in her mind.

When her fingers grounded inside her pussy and her other hand played with her nipple and breasts she didn't understand why, but suddenly all she could think of was the sixteen-year student she had her first session with today.

She tried to get him out of her head as it was wrong for a 25-year-old to have sexual thoughts about a 16-year-old boy, but try as she might Jake's body kept appearing in her mind.

And whenever it did her pussy heated up even more as she swallowed her saliva, her breasts feeling incredibly hot as well.

She had never felt this good masturbating and she kept on going at it hard, Jake's image appearing inside her mind. After cumming hard and cooling down for a bit she could control herself once more as she was ashamed of herself thinking about a student in the first year of high-school sexually.

She vowed to herself this would be the only time it would happen and from now on she would only regard Jake as her client.

Yet now after seeing Jake's body in front of her in the gym, she remembered her masturbation session Monday in the evening. And what she remembered very clearly was the thought Jake's big member messing up her insides.

Jake looked at Diana with a gentle gaze as he said: \"You look a bit red, you aren't sick are you?\"

This made Diana wake up from her embarrassment and she quickly made up an excuse that she just had a work-out session herself, explaining that was the reason she looked a bit red.

Naturally, Jake didn't question her and followed behind her as they made their way to start his training session.

Inside though he smirked as he guessed what Diana had done and now remembered. He licked his lips as he couldn't wait for him to get his hands on this beauty.

Like previous Monday Diana started to instruct him once more, as Jake did the exercises she asked him to do. It was once again a pretty tough work-out but he managed to get through it. Sneaking som

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