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After once again enjoying himself very much with both Julia as well as Kayla, it was Tuesday morning and Jake together with Kayla was heading to school on foot. Kayla's face was stilled colored slightly red from their hot morning session.

Like always Jake had enjoyed her sweet pussy. Even her stomach was currently filled to the brink with his semen. Kayla was prohibited from eating normal breakfast. Only Jake's semen was allowed to reside in her stomach in the morning.

Naturally, Kayla had no problem with this as she found Jake's semen extremely delicious. No food or drink compared with Jake's hot liquid, so when being told she had to drink more of it she only got happier.

After walking together they soon arrived at the school and classes started not much later. When he sat down next to Stefanie she scoffed at him and looked away.

Jake guessed she was still thinking about PE yesterday, as she had seen him glancing at the beauty of the other class. Jake didn't imagine she would still be upset about that the day after. Not that he cared that much about it, but he thought it was about time to start with Stefanie as well.

He wanted the cute yet sometimes conceited girl to become his so he could start to toy around with her as well. Then she wouldn't dare ignore him, instead, she would do all she could to gain more of his attention all because of one thing. To receive Jakes's big rod inside her secret cave and have it painted white.

Smiling as he was thinking about the lewd face he would make his deskmate made, the class finally started. Like usual Jake didn't bother too much with the class. He already knew all he would need to learn this year.

Class after class passed by and finally, it was time for what he was waiting for. Sitting at his desk quietly waiting for the teacher to enter, Jake was very much looking forward to it.

Not long after the door opened and the figure of a beautiful woman walked inside. Immediately the entire class went quiet. All the boys looked at the woman with lewd gazes as she truly was an amazing beauty.

Not only was she very hot, but she acted very confidently as well as she walked from the door to the chest. Her wide hips swaying from side to side, making all eyes glued to her meaty ass packed in the tight skirt.

But their teacher wasn't as confident as all the students thought at this moment. The moment she entered the classroom her body started acting up. Her pussy got itchy and started to become wet. Her nipples began to grow stiff and she could feel her breasts asking to be groped. Her mouth overflowed with saliva which she swallowed down.

It didn't take long for her to look towards a certain someone at the back of the classroom and as soon as she did, she turned her head away from him a small red blush appearing on her cheeks.

Yesterday she had felt her body go in heat too. She had suppressed it heavily and thought to herself that it was just because she hadn't satisfi

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