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While Kayla was still satisfying her perverted body Jake had before he went on a run walked inside Julia's room to give her a good hard pounding.

Naturally, Julia immediately spread her legs for Jake as soon as he walked into her bedroom. The feeling of Jake's dick grinding deep inside her pussy was just too good for her and there was no way she could ever separate herself from that burly cock.

After Jake filled his beautiful slave with a bucket load of his semen he gave her a nice deep french kiss before going on a run, like he did every morning.

Every morning he ran he found his body to get fitter with astronomical strides, so naturally, he increased the distance he ran and the speed he ran at.

His stamina was improving like crazy and he actually started to get some small muscles on his body from the exercises he did.

It always perplexed him that after he unlocked his brain's potential how much improvement his body, as well as his mind, had made. He was a completely different person than he was before.

After finishing his run he did some exercises before making his way to Kayla's room.

Jake didn't even bother knocking as he opened the room and walked inside. He saw Kayla was still lying in the bed and her face still tinted red.

"Still in bed huh? Aren't you a lazy one." Jake joked.


Kayla just harrumphed and looked at Jake with a slightly angry expression. She still didn't forgive him for not deflowering her yesterday evening.

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"You wanna shower with me or do you want to keep sulking in bed."

Kayla didn't want to give in to Jake but seeing him turn around to go shower by himself, her body urged her to get up and go with him, else it would miss the pleasure Jake could give her.

So Kayla quickly got out of bed and darted after Jake going into the shower together.

Jake just smiled at how easy it was to manipulate this sister of his. Her body couldn't lie and even if she didn't want to admit it she was already dependent on him.

Jake naturally enjoyed himself in the shower as he couldn't get enough of her sexy body. He also enjoyed a nice blowjob once again and felt that Kayla was already improving her fellatio technique.'

Still, there was no sex which once again left Kayla unhappy. Why wasn't he doing her? Just what was the reason he didn't want to stick his dick inside her pussy. She had clearly given him signs that she was ready for it, but Jake just didn't bite.

Jake couldn't help but laugh seeing Kayla try so hard to have him to fuck her without actually asking it. Still, there was no way he would bite right now. Only if she started to beg him would he start doing it with her.

After having a hot shower both of them got clothed and went downstairs where breakfast was waiting for them.

Julia chuckled at seeing Kayla's red face as she knew exactly what she was going through. Once her body tasted the pleasures Jake could give her there was no turning back.

And while she was lying in bed she could clearly hear her daughter moan like crazy. She knew that soon Kayla just like her would give in to Jake and then she could serve Jake together with her daughter.

All three quickly finished their breakfast after which Kayla went out to go have fun with some friends.

When she came back late afternoon, nobody seemed to be downstairs. Naturally, she didn't bother a lot with this as she went upstairs.

Walking up the stairs she could hear sounds coming from her mother's room and immediately her face turned red as her body heated up.

Kayla could immediately hear what those sounds were. After all, she had made those same sounds a lot yesterday evening.

Kayla could quite certainly hear her mother moaning like crazy. Kayla wanted to leave but found herself unable to as she slowly and quietly walked towards her mother's room.

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