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Jake acted like everything was normal as he along with Julia and Kayla ate dinner. They didn't talk much and both Kayla and Julia acted weirdly.

Kayla had seen the incredible lewd expression on her mother's face as she was being ravaged by Jake's dick and currently when she looked at her mother she could only see that face.

Julia saw the glances Kayla threw at her and naturally she knew that Kayla had seen her and Jack fucking. But at that time she couldn't care less and acted like her lewd self when having sex with Jake, but still, to have her daughter see that, she felt utterly embarrassed.

Jake seeing this kind of atmosphere chuckled and relaxedly ate his food. Soon both women would serve him together in the same bed and they would do a lot more than just look at each other's naked body with a lewd expression.

Imagining Julia and Kayla giving him a double-blowjob while both were wearing sexy lingerie Jake couldn't help but drool.

Still, he quickly wiped it away and waved that dirty thought from his mind, as it was something for another time.

Then Kayla looked at him he looked up at her and smiled softly. Kayla immediately turned her head away in embarrassment.

Knowing the things she had already done with Jake and the things that had yet to come, she couldn't face him. But even though she was embarrassed, her pussy started itching and Kayla slowly came to the realization that she wanted Jake's dick.

That feeling had only increased after she saw his big rod messing up her mother, causing her to act so lewdly. So even just from being near Jake while eating dinner, her pussy was getting soaking wet.

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After dinner ended, Kayla immediately left with a vague excuse and headed to her room. Jake smiled and let her go. He knew that tonight when he would enter her room she wouldn't even think of sending him away.

This left him alone with Julia in the kitchen who started to do the dishes. Jake smiled and sneaked up on her. He then pressed his crotch against her perky butt as his arms, went under her shirt grabbing a breast each.

Julia wasn't wearing a bra as he told her not to wear one, so his hands immediately took hold of her balloons as he started kneading them.

"Aahh" Julia in response let out a cute moan, feeling her breasts once again being held by Jake. She knew that he definitely couldn't get enough of them, making her feel very happy.

She had always known her breasts were huge and she always felt the lewd stares of other men when she was in public, causing her to be unhappy to have such big ones. But now that Jake showed them much attention and always played with them she felt very happy.

Jake then suckled on her earlobe as he said in her ears: "my hands just can't seem to let them go. There's no way I can ever get enough of these puppies," kneading them softly under her shir

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