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Jessica gnashed her teeth seeing Jake's triumphant walk back towards his side of the field. Not only had she not gotten past him, but she was unable to do a single thing to defend as well. Just his speed was enough.

Naturally, she didn't like to admit it, but she had no choice but to. Jake was a better player than she was. Yet she quickly said to herself that, that was only because he was a boy whereas she was a girl, so naturally her athletic abilities would be inferior to his.

After Jake scored the goal the game resumed, but nothing changed. Jake was superior in defense and offense. He was practically a one-man army. Jessica tried as she might, but found no way to either pass him to score a goal or thwart his offense.

in the end, the game finished with a 3-0 on the scoreboard all scored by Jake. And that was only because he didn't want to be too antagonistic to the other class.

Mr. Wright finished PE and everybody went to change and as this was their last class of the day they would either go to their clubs or home next.

But before Jake went to change he walked to the still dazed Jessica and said to her: \"nice match, you're really amazing.\"

Jessica looked at Jake with a disgruntled expression. She snorted as she said: \"I'll definitely beat you in the future.\" Then she stormed off.

Jake not knowing why she needed to be so angry looked at her hips as they were nicely swaying left and right as she walked away. He had once again found a target to make his.

Now it was a cold and easily angered athletic beauty. In the future, Jake would wipe that cold look from her face and change it into an intoxicated gaze, which would long for his dick all day long.

Thinking about the lewd things he would do with her Jake went to change as well. He left the school and immediately made his way towards the gym where he had an appointment with the beautiful physical instructor, Diana.

Just like the previous times, Diana was embarrassed when she saw Jake. After they had their session Saturday she had basically played with herself all weekend long. The entire Saturday evening was spend with her fingers in her pussy.

And when she finally thought her body had cooled down a bit, on Sunday it once again heated up and the only thing she could think about was Jake's body on top of her as he pounds his dick inside her pussy like crazy.

At first, she tried to suppress the thoughts of her 16-year-old client doing her, but after a bit, she only moaned his name out loud as she accepted her desires. She let her body go and masturbated hard.

Now Monday late afternoon, when seeing Jake once more, her body remembered all the lewd stuff she had thought about Jake doing to her. She was uncertain as to why she suddenly got such lust for a guy, but it was there nonetheless.

And now that they once again had a training session she knew her body would go in heat once more, so through the session, she tried to restrain herself i

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