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acpven > The hypnotizer > 20 Time for Kayla
"Eh but Kayla is here as well and she could easily walk in on us."

Jake smile and said: "Julia, your master wants to fuck you."

Julia knew what he meant and didn't make up any excuses anymore.

"Good, remember whenever and wherever I want to fuck we fuck, don't forget that."

"Yes, master."

Jake then quickly lifted her shirt, unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, exposing the lingerie she was wearing. He smiled as he looked at it. They were some incredibly sexy black panties and bra, they were so minuscule the panties only covered an area a bit more than her pussy and her bra covered her nipples, but only barely.

Julia got embarrassed seeing Jake look at her like that. This was some of the underwear she found really lewd, yet knowing Jake would like it if she would wear it she decided to do so. And now seeing him staring at her she felt happy.

"Do these satisfy you, master?"

Jake got out of the trance staring at her sexy body and looked Julia in the eyes saying: "Yes these very much satisfy me. You've done a good job with this pair, I hope the rest is as lewd as these are."

Jake grabbed both her breasts and started kneading them in all shapes. Julia feeling her breasts massaged with some force immediately started to feel good. From only Jake playing with her tits, she got really aroused. Her pussy was already starting to get wet.

In the time they had been having sex her body had become really lewd and sex was the only thing it wanted now.

After a bit of playing with her magnificent breasts, Jake got out his already stiff dick and pushed the panties which were only barely covering Julia's already drenched pussy, to the side.

Julia already didn't care anymore about Kayla being in the house. The only thing she wanted right now was for Jake to push inside that amazing dick of his.

Naturally, Jake did so and in one go his dick entered her soaking wet pussy. Julia tried to keep in her moans but was having trouble with it, as Jake's dick started to ravage her insides.

So to help her Jake who was nicely fucking Julia while still playing with her breasts, locked lips with her and started to kiss her as well.

Julia feeling Jake's tongue enter her mouth only felt better as she tried to kiss him back, her tongue coiling around his while they sucked on each other lips.

If Kayla were to walk in now she would definitely be stunned. Julia was sitting on the couch her legs spread wide, her breasts and pussy fully exposed as Jake was ramming his dick inside her while toying with the other parts of her body as well.

Luckily Jake knew Kayla was too busy doing something else to even notice this was going on inside the living room.

Jake continued pounding Julia as he kept on deep kissing her. Julia had already climaxed and now that she felt Jake's dick began throbbing she knew Jake was close as well.

Jake didn't even bother to tell Julia he was going to cum soon and as he reached climax he released everything deep in her pussy, drowning her womb in semen.

Julia upon feeling the semen enter her deepest parts she orgasmed hard as well. Luckily Jake continued to seal her lips with his own otherwise Julia's moans would be heard by Kayla. Now only some muffled sounds came out of her mouth as she continued to cum.

Jake after ending his orgasm and having released every single bit of his semen inside Julia sat down on the couch once more.

Julia was breathing very raggedly as the semen slowly started to drip out her pussy. She didn't have any energy left due to her orgasm so she could only sit there for a while, recovering her strength.

Not long after she recovered from the temporary exhaustion and quickly fixed her clothes and darted upstairs to make sure the cum wouldn't leak too much on the floor.

Jake just smiled lightly seeing Julia racing off after fixing her clothes Seeing that perky butt of her leaving the room he once again started to think about t

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