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acpven > The hypnotizer > 17 In Julia's room
Jake walked to the living room and said on the couch, signaling Julia to sit next to him, which she did immediately.

"It means, you obey my every command, not only during sex but also during regular life."

"I understand."

Jake looked at Julia and saw her determinant face. He understood she truly accepted it and decided to test her.

"So if I say I want to fuck you anal? What do you do?"

Julia got a bit surprised. Jake had asked her once and she quickly refused it, not wanting Jake's monster to invade her ass.

Yet she realized this was a test for her.

"I'll get on all fours and raise my ass high for you to enter it."

Jake was stunned hearing this, yet very happy as well. This was precisely what he wanted.

Then he decided to ask something else. Something a regular mother would never accept.

"Then if I ask you to help me get Kayla as well?"

It was now Julia's turn to be stunned again. He didn't just want her, he wanted her daughter as well.

"Aren't I enough, why do you need Kayla as well?"

"That doesn't matter for you. Will you be obedient and help me to enslave Kayla as well?"

Julia knew there was no way out and now she had to make a hard choice once more. Her own pleasure in return for Kayla's? A normal mother would quickly disregard this and chose her daughter yet Julia said: "I'll do it. If you promise to treat her good."

Jake was really happy with this and he smiled.

"Then one last question," Jake said putting his hand on her belly, surprising Julia, "if I tell you to, will you stop taking contraception and get impregnated?"

"Y-you want me to get pregnant?"

"Yes, well not now but I do in the future, so what is your answer?"

Julia smiled and nodded, indicating that she really was even prepared to bear his child in order to have sex with him.

Jake was very happy, not only by succeeding in making Julia his but something else as well.

They had been living normally for 12 years, with no problems, yet in two weeks since Jake got the hypnotization ability, this normal housewife was willing to become his slave.

Even accepting the fact her daughter would become one too and she would even be impregnated sometime by her adoptive son.

Jake didn't understand yet how terrifying his hypnosis ability really was.

"Very well, then from now on, you'll refer to me as master. Now undress it's time to make your introduction video."

Julia didn't understand what he meant by introduction video but took off her clothes either way. She now had to obey whatever he wanted, no matter if she wouldn't like it.

Julia undressed completely and was naked in front of Jake within half a minute.

Jake smiled as was enjoyed Julia's obedience. Then he pulled out his phone and said: "Now spread your legs on the couch and introduce yourself as my slave."

Julia now knew what he meant by introduction video, still, she resolved herself and spread her legs, making her pussy to be in full view. Then she said as she smiled: "I'm Julia, master's Jake recently made slave."

Jake was happy as he filmed her. Naturally, he would show this to no-one but himself. He only did it to see if she would do it without any trouble, which seemed to be the case.

He put away his phone and sat down next to Julia. "Very good, tomorrow we'll go to the mall. You'll buy sexy clothes, underwear, and swimsuits. We'll buy lots of sex toys online. As for now, since Kayla won't be coming home were gonna have lots of sex."

Julia smiled hearing Jake would fuck her once more. It had almost been taken away from her, but by becoming Jake's slave and thus having to do anything he wanted, Julia would have lots of amazing sex with him every day.

Then she and Jake headed upstairs but once she moved in the direction of Jake's room he stopped her.

"We won't be doing it in my room tonight."

Julia looked at him questioningly.

Then Jake looked at the direction of her room and s

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