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The next morning was the same as the last one. At first, he enjoyed some nice hot morning sex with Julia and Kayla, after which Julia went to prepare their food while Jake along with Kayla took a shower, where he indulged himself in her sweet body once more.

Then after eating breakfast Kayla and Jake made their way to school once more. Jake was very much looking forward to today as he knew today he would have English class. Naturally, the class where the beautiful Ms. Harper would be in front of the classroom was the most important one.

The first two classes of the day were nothing special and Jake didn't bother too much about it. It was now time for the third class of the day and this was English class.

Jake made his way inside the classroom and went to his desk, arriving in front of it he saw someone else sitting on his desk while chatting with Stefanie.

The guy was quite handsome and Jake saw multiple girls sneaking glances at him. Stefanie looked a bit disinterested in him though.

The thing that annoyed Jake though was that this guy saw him, but ignored him completely as he sat at his desk.

Jake harrumphed loudly for him to hear and glared at him.

\"Could you please stand up this is my seat.\"

The guy looked at Jake a bit annoyed as he didn't want to be interrupted.

\"Class hasn't started yet, so shut it and let me be.\"

He really acted like a jerk and Jake got annoyed.

Jake knew who this guy was as Kayla had specifically told Jake about him. It was Dave, a second year student. He was fairly handsome and pretty smart, but still most people at the school disliked him as he had an extremely big ego and only thought about himself.

Still, most of the students put up with him all because of one simple reason. He was the principal's son. So they just let him do as he wanted as long as he didn't go too far.

But Jake didn't care about that. He regarded Stefanie as his woman and naturally he wouldn't let a scumbag like Dave put his hands on her.

\"I think it's best to leave. The lady doesn't seem interested in you at all.\"

This ticked of Dave even more as he already realized Stefanie didn't seem to like him. So instead of trying to keep courting the cute girl he stood up and glared at Jake.

In return Jake didn't back down and looked at him. It looked like Jake was just giving Dave a normal glare, but Dave could realize there was something behind that unobvious look in Jake's eyes.

It told him that if he took it to far with this, he would be the one that would pay for it.

\"Tsss.\" Dave scoffed and left the classroom seemingly pretty pissed. Even though he was a bit scared of Jake he wouldn't let this go.

Stefanie looked at Jake her cheeks tinted red. She was getting annoyed with that guy's slimy lines and wanted to get rid of him, but she didn't want to offend him as she knew he was the principal's son, so she was quite happy Jake had helped her out.

Jake just sat down on his chair after that like nothing happened. Not long after the woman Jake had been waiting for to see all day entered the classroom and he once again indulged himself looking at her extremely sexy body.

That big bust of hers coupled with her small waist and amazing ass. But what he liked most was her beautiful face. This woman was definitely one of extremely high-rank and he couldn't wait for her to moan his name as his dick pounded her pussy.

Ms. Harper walked to her desk and put down her back. She then took some papers out of it.

\"Today we'll have a little test before we start.\"

Almost all kids inside the classroom sulked hearing that only on their second day of school a test would already take place.

\"Don't worry it won't be for a grade, it's just for me to see how far along each of you is.\"

Upon hearing the grade wouldn't matter they didn't care that much about it anymore.

Ms. Harper then handed out the test papers and everyone got to it.


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