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Julia was watching a program on the television, as usual, this time in the evening. Jake was sitting beside her, casually watching it together with her.

Then suddenly a lot changed for Julia as a weird twitch appeared inside her pussy. And after it had appeared it didn't go away. Instead, it only grew stronger and soon Julia felt her pussy itching.

She was dumbfounded as she hadn't had sex in years. She even hadn't masturbated in a long long time. She didn't really care for it anymore as it had never felt amazingly good for her before. Her husband wasn't that gifted in his sexual prowess and his dick wasn't something amazing.

So after he had died and not remarrying or even dating for that matter after it she masturbated less and less until she stopped altogether.

Never had she been in the mood for some sexy time since then and never had she even had the slightest itch in her pussy nor did any other part of her body felt in need of sex.

Then why now suddenly on her son's birthday while watching television together with him was her pussy starting to act up? Julia was dumbfounded as nothing in her vicinity would be able to turn her on.

Then she looked at Jake and slightly licked lips, well nothing aside from the boy sitting next to. Immediately though she shrugged this off and promised herself not to think of Jake like that.

Yet her pussy didn't cool down at all, no matter how she thought about other things, the itch in her pussy only got bigger. Julia realized she was actually getting turned on.

As a few minutes passed Julia already started breathing a bit raggedly. Her pussy was already wet and Julia realized it definitely wanted sex. After her pussy, her breasts and particularly her nipples got aroused as well. Her nipples already standing up stiff.

Julia's promise to herself which she made a few minutes ago had already been broken as she was continuously sneaking glances at Jake. Not just at his face, but at his lower body as well. She was getting turned on by Jake.

She tried multiple times to get rid of those sorts of thoughts, as she considered Jake her son and it wouldn't feel right to see him like that. Like someone that could fuck her senselessly. Yet her eyes always found their way back to his body, namely his groin where she could see the bump in his pants.

Only from looking at it she fantasized about his size and hoped he would be bigger than her husband's. Sex with her husband had always been a bit unrewarding as he came quickly even though she was only just getting in the mood.

Fantasies about Jake destroying her pussy and fucking her with great vigor until she fainted continuously sprouted up in her mind and every time she tried to swat them away, only for the fantasies to reappear seconds later.

As the seconds passed by her body got more and more in heat and she started to get in her head only one thing. My body's horniness can only disappear in one way. Having Jake fuck her and r

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