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Before Julia knew what was going on or even have the slightest chance to resist, Jake's mental power had broken through Julia's defenses, putting her into a trance state. Just like Kayla had been earlier in the day, Julia's beautiful eyes went lifeless as she continued to stare at Jake.

Jake, on the other hand, wasn't feeling good at all. Huge amounts of his strength had been sapped as a huge headache assaulted him. Not only was Julia's mental barrier harder to crack, but due to him already hypnotizing Kayla earlier in the day he wasn't at full power.

Still, he quite easily accomplished his task of putting Julia into a trance state, yet he had to rest for a few minutes before he could even do anything.

Jake then vowed to himself to never hypnotize two persons in one day if he wasn't stronger than he was now. At the moment it wasn't a problem for him to be this weak as he was in his own house, but if he had to do this somewhere else and someone would discover it, Jake feared it would be game over.

He also realized that it also had been a great risk to hypnotize Julia here, as Kayla could walk downstairs at any moment. Even though she had said she would go to bed and Jake didn't expect her to come down, what if she had done so.

So Jake realized he had to be more careful in the future as what he was doing wasn't really nice. And people finding out about it wouldn't treat him well.

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Still, he had succeeded and thus he was very glad, seeing Julia look in front of her expressionlessly. After a bit, Jake recovered his strength and most of his headache had also subsided a bit. Luckily Julia's mental defense wasn't that great and he could easily penetrate it.

That was also why the backlash wasn't that great and he could recover in a few minutes. Jake got up and looked at Julia. The first thing he did was move his hands on top of her ample breasts, groping them softly.

Julia's breasts were so big he couldn't even fit them in his hands. They were huge and felt incredibly soft. Jake immediately got addicted to the feeling and kept groping them.

Then after a bit, he went a bit further.

"Take off your shirt."

Julia did so without a problem and within seconds Julia was sitting in front of him only a bra on her upper body.

Jake upon seeing it was feeling even more ecstatic. Her breasts which he already knew were huge, looked like they could pop out of her bra any minute, so Jake let out her puppies.

Jake took off her bra revealing Julia's milky white chest with some nice nipples on top. Her breasts really were bigger than he had guessed.

Naturally Jake immediately started to grope them once more, not letting it go to waste.

After a few minutes of playing with Julia's heavenly breasts, which even at her age weren't sagging in the slightest still standing strong, Jake stopped and realized

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