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As Jake was racing home he could see the world around him differently than before. Everything seemed much cleared and Jake could see every little thing in detail. It wasn't hard for him to look around while moving at full speed and it even seemed like he got less tired than before.

All of this was because his brain had become stronger and he could now more of it. But even though he was admiring the changes he still couldn't wait to get home and within minutes he arrived in front of the door.

Jake wasn't much of an athletic, but after his brain was unlocked it seemed even his physical prowess seemed to have been increased as he wasn't even that tired. Finding out this effect he swore to himself to start training his body even more so he would be able to protect himself if there was ever a need for it.

He opened the door and walked inside. Quickly scouting the house he saw only Kayla was present and Julia had left the house.

"Kayla where's mom?"

"Out to get groceries and some other stuff, she'll be back in a couple of hours."

Jake was ecstatic, this meant he was totally alone with his hot sister and could now test his newfound power on her.

After his brain unlocked he could feel his sensory abilities drastically increase. He could also feel his IQ rising and remembering this that he wouldn't have had remembered before his awakening.

So he knew it had worked, but he hadn't felt anything regarding the hypnotization ability his father had mentioned in the letter. Luckily his father had explained the method in the letter. All he had to do was look the target in the eyes and use his mental strength to descend them into a sort of trance state.

In this trance state, he would be able to give them commands and ask them questions which the target would answer truthfully.

Naturally, his father had also mentioned that the power wasn't limitless and the success highly depended on his mental strength and that of the target. If the target was smart or had a good mental capacity it would be harder to get them in the trance state.

But now that Jake's mind had evolved because of his brain's advancement he was confident in overpowering Kayla.

Kayla is extremely hot and a lot of people in the school admire her. Only for her beauty though as she isn't the brightest sheep in the shed. She has to do her best to get a passing grade for her classes.

"Kayla!" Jake called out to make his sister look at him.

"What is it?" She said a bit annoyed as she didn't like Jake's tone.

Still, Kayla turned towards Jake and looked at him in the eyes.

At that moment when Jake met Kayla's eyes, he sent mental energy into her brain, as per the technique mentioned in his father's letter.

Kayla felt a stab in her head after she got a splitting headache. But before she could even think about what was going on or want to relieve the pain appearing in her head, her eyes sunk and her body went lifeless, sitting in the same position she had, not moving a single finger.

Jake instead of feeling good he had succeeded sunk to the ground exhausted, his head was hurting like crazy. It seems like using this power of his used way more of his energy than he imagined.

But even though he was exhausted and the pain was surging in his head, he got up to look at the result of the hypnotization.

He stood up with trouble and walked towards Kayla who was still sitting lifeless. Naturally Jake was incredibly happy that he had succeeded, even though it had taken way more effort than he had thought.

The moment his mental energy went inside Kayla he immediately broke through her defenses and succeeded in his attack, but it had taken way more energy than he had though. Probably because he only recently unlocked his brain's potential did it cost this much energy to successfully hypnotize Kayla, who wasn't someone with high mental prowess which could make it harder for him to succeed.

Jake looked at Kayla and was

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