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Jake didn't say anything as he admired the beauty in front of him. Julia's already amazing curves were highlighted even more.

Julia was also very much admiring Jake looking at her like that so she made sure to make some hot poses for him.

Jake seeing Julia move into a few spicy positions had his entire mind blown. This woman was now fully in heat and only sex was on her mind. Seeing Julia act like this was honestly amazing. He had never expected that Julia, who practically raised him, would now show off her body like this. All in order for Jake to ravage her in a bit.

Jake walked to Julia grabbed her ass and breast with a hand each and whispered in her ears. "You're truly beautiful Julia."

Julia hearing Jake's words got a happy smile on her face. Naturally, all women wanted to be complimented and Julia wasn't any different.

Feeling Jake's hands roaming her body felt good as well. She knew Jake liked playing with her assets and naturally Julia was proud of them, having realized that not a lot of women had curves as she had.

Julia was in heat as well, so her hands started to roam Jake's body as well, focusing on the stiff dick. They started kissing again, making out like crazy. Both of them played with each other's bodies like crazy and after a bit, they realized it was time to move on and start the main event.

Julia wanted to take off her lingerie, but before she could do so Jake stopped her. Julia looked at him questionably and said: "what is it?"

"Before we have sex, I want to try something else."


"I want you wearing the bodysuit, to give me a blowjob."

Jake had already had sex some times with Julia but never had she taken it in her mouth. Jake was quite looking forward to Julia giving him head as well.

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"A blowjob?"

At first, Julia didn't realize what he meant, but she soon understood. A hesitant look appeared on her face. She had never given one before, not even to her husband, yet now Jake was asking her for one.

At first, she wanted to reject, but her body was now fully in heat and suddenly she got the urge to try it. Perhaps she would enjoy it as well.

"If you do it, I'll make sure to return the favor." Said Jake.

Julia naturally understood what returning the favor meant, so she slowly nodded and bent down in front of Jake.

Jake seeing Julia bent down knew she had accepted and he was glad. Julia's sexy body wrapped in sexy lingerie was in front of Jake on her knees, her head close to his dick.

Julia started to slowly lick Jake's dick. The taste was kinda weird, but surprisingly she didn't dislike it and she found it quite addictive.

Julia started to lick more and more and after a bit, she finally decided to take the head into her mouth.

Jake was enjoying himself, feeling Julia's warm mouth and cute tongue around his dick.

At first, Ju

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